Gary Willett's Animatronic Mod


Gary Willett's Animatronic Mod

With this being the October issue, our thoughts turn to such seasonal delights as bobbing for apples, trick or treating... and having the bejesus scared out of us by Gary Willett’s Animatronic Mod.

Gary’s first mod featured a monster tearing through a case; not satisfied with a static device, he set his sights on creating a rig that moves—and talks. While these photos detail much of the work that went into creating this rig, to truly appreciate the Animatronic Mod in all its expatiating glory, go to

While most of us lack a solid resource for goat, yak, and horse hair, Gary scored a load of it (along with some mohair) to create this follicly full face!

Here, Gary stands face to face with the beast. He filmed 90 hours of digital video over the course of this two-year project and plans to create an instructional video with the footage.

Them chompers - dental acrylic teeth - look just like the real thing. We suspect Gary's full-time job making dentures had something to do with that.

This rig is packing MSI KT6 and AMD 2500XP Barton motherboards and an XFX 5600 videocard - enough to run the 16 servos controlling the creature's face.



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