Wub-Love: New Borderlands 2 Trailer Generates Release Date, Dubstep



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does it use GFWL? If so, I can't play it. I have yet to find a working solution as to why I cannot get it to start up and any game that uses it will not start. I have scoured the internet and tried everything outside of a format.



Define "will not start". I've had to dig up a couple esoteric fixes for GfWL in the past that were almost impossible to track down without a healthy dose of sheer dumb luck, they might apply in your case.

Also, to answer your question, HIGHLY unlikely. Steam treated them very, very well and the Gamespy-powered multiplayer was universally reviled. Given that BL uses the same sort of mutliplayer as L4D and that uses Steamworks, it may even use that this go 'round.



when I click on GFWL I get the splash screen for a few seconds, it goes away then nothing. When I check task manager the program isn't even listed. If I have the task manager up when I launch it, it does pop up there for as long as the splash screen is visible and disappears with the splash screen. When I launch A program, such as dirt2 or even the borderlands demo, the games splash screen comes up then I get an error that the game crashed and windows is trying to find a solution.

I have uninstalled and re-installed making sure that nothing is left behind after the uninstall (folders or orphan files). I ran ccleaners registry cleaner after uninstall just for good measure.

I uninstalled live assistant and .net and re-installed those as well. I have even heard using some gaming peripherals will stop it from running, but I did disconnect everything but my mouse (a logitech g500 gaming mouse). If I have to disconnect that, then Microsoft really is trying to kill gaming on the pc ;-)

I have done a few other things but I can't remember off hand what they were at this moment.

If you can help me get this running I would be ecstatic!



Looks great! the split screen option might be interesting.



To announce a release date this early is a bit concerning to me.... but damn i'm excited about this game coming out. Played the first one and w/ all of the expansions and it was really fun/good.

cant wait



Bad ass!

As I played Boarderlands and all the expansions with my friends, its a great game, I normally dont like shooters, but this one was actually fun, made you feel like you're part of the story. and TREASURE boxes are like crack cocaine.



Wow. To announce a release date already, they must really have the hype machine working overdrive. I guess it works for CoD and TES.

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