WoW Lead: PC “Re-Emerging” Because of Complexity – Not Despite It



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yea the consoles are six years old. but a computer with decent 6 year old hardware can still beat it in gaming if set right...



The only thing that keeps a console from being able to replicate the experience of a PC is that Microsoft will not allow keyboards and mice as controllers for XBox games.  Sony sort of does.

There is nothing stopping MS and Sony from allowing keyboard+mouse control, and if that happened, then PC gaming would truly be hurt.



Hurt by people fumbling to use a keyboard+mouse on the couch?


Or are they going to set up the Xboxes at a desk and use them as psudo-PCs?



Why not?  I game at my desk, regardless of format.  I suspect quite a few people do.



My xbox doubles as a monitor stand.  I'm not sure if I get what the OP's main point is.  What do couches have to do with anything?  I use both my console and my pc pretty heavily.



At the moment developers are limited to an outdated API with consoles. Some are aiming toward PC hardware again as it continues to become more complex with modern APIs. The next lineup of consoles will probably start being released in 2012-2014 and grab their attention back in that direction again. Until game piracy can be greatly reduced without it being inconvenient to their customers, PC gaming isn't going to explode onto the gaming scene anytime soon. You'll still see plenty of titles for it nonetheless.



Sometimes the whole "the PC is dieing", "tablets are the next big thing", "social gaming is the new money maker" and rhetoric of this nature reminds me of the wizard of Oz. You know, the guy trying to make everyone see him as great and wise when really it was all a front.

Is the market changing? Of course. Are there more platforms to splinter the market? Well duh. The amount of times PCs in general and gaming on PCs in particular have been written off is mind boggling when you consider how often it's come true.

I think all these nay sayers think they can't be wrong all the time. But the way I see it every market will expand and contract over time, even reinvent it's self once or twice. So will PC gaming change? Sure. Will it die? Never. A PC is just too versatile not too be able to weather any storm coming, so of course we'll see a rebound in the PC market after a slump.

I'd be really surprised if the gaming PC was always the dominate platform. Just like how surprised I'd be if it really did die off. Neither one will ever happen.


Holly Golightly

I am glad to see PC gaming on the rise. 

Consoles have become that new middle ground. Not enough graphical power to wow anybody, not cool enough like a tablet. Basically... Consoles are like laptops... This useless medium. Why would anybody want to be caught with an outdated piece of hardware, when you can get better stuff for a competitive price or performance that can wow the hell out of everybody. There is just no point in staying at that middle ground.

Plus, consoles are known to get Red Rings (Xbox360) Yellow Lights (PS3) and Black Screens (DS) of death. Therefore you got to get a second one... This makes the PC Gaming platform offer more bang for your buck. The complexity of PCs allows us the luxury to play videogames that date as far back as the DOS era, to the upcoming Windows 8 era. Now that is quality we can all trust. Lets not forget all of the emulators of classic consoles available at our hands. Good times I must say.

So I do agree, PC gaming is on the rise due to this freedom, power, and yes, complexity. Thank goodness!



Captain Palette Swap talking about complexity?  Really?  The PC Gamer interviewer should have rolled up their own magazine and smacked Ghostcrawler upside the head with it.



This is sort of what I've been on about the whole time. There's a market for PCs out there and it's pretty significant. Companies, such as Microsoft and others, need to stop trying to corner every bit of market that becomes the latest fad (ahem... tablets... ahem) and focuse on their core audience. They'll end up being much more successfull if they continue to focus on what they're good at and who their biggest supporters are instead of spreading themselves out too thin with things they're not meant to do. There's a PC market out there, and if you focus on it (if you're already a giant in that industry) you'll be much better off than focusing on something you're not (i.e. HP pulling out because of the iPad). The PC market is alive and well, and if that's your forte, stick to it. Stop chasing fads. Worst business decision ever.




sadly, I agree. The current console hardware is losing steam at this point (from a technological standpoint). It's at this time that lots of gamers will flock back to PC as the current consoles now have a hard time "wowing" people anymore. In a couple years time when all the next gen consoles are released we will probably see things sink right back to the way they were. I don't want that to happen, but we all know it will.



It could also do with the fact that current console hardware is six years old...



Well, if you're comparing the latest console to the latest PC hardware, your statement might work on the surface.  But back it up 6 years and compare the two and see how they weather the test of time. I built my current gaming PC 6 years ago.  In that time, I've made all sorts of upgrades to the RAM, CPU, Storage, OS, and various other tweaks to keep it up with the times. These kinds of upgrades are severely limited on a console, if altogether impossible. As such, I can run everything (that's worth playing) at decent framerates at 1920x1080x32.  Clearly, the PC is the more complex and versatile platform.  The fact that consoles are for the most part stuck with the hardware they are built with only proves this.

With that said, I love console gaming for it's accessibility.  My kids and I enjoy playing Wii together, which is the most obsolete "current" console out there.  Sometimes simplicity is the best solution.

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