World of Warcraft Goes Free Forever... Sort Of



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Has any other MMO done this before? I have no interest in WOW myself, but I do think this is a brilliant move, and frankly would make sense for most established MMOs. Getting to try the game, and getting attached to your toon and the time you've put in is the perfect way to get new subscribers.



Lately a whole lot of games are going F2P. For those who don't know, ARMAII has gone F2P as well.



Sounds more like a gateway drug than a "humanitarian act."



I think hitting level 20 is enough time to show you how profoundly empty and shallow your life will become if you keep going on. Then again, I did finish ES: Oblivion 3 times... :p


I Jedi

I wonder if this has anything to do with Valve releasing TF2 for F2P? The timing is pretty close, I would say. Then again, I question if Blizzard would have done something about TF2 F2P release this quickly.




Seeing as they both have largely different target audiences, I doubt they have anything to do with each other (in a direct manner anyway). Most likely they did this as both a preparation for the upcoming mmorpg’s this year as well as a way to fend off some of the older mmorpg's that went f2p.

And of course, they are using this like a gateway drug (as someone already said).


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