World Ends – No Wait, The Other Thing: Duke Nukem Forever Goes Gold



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For the early part of my computing life, trying to run Duke Nukem better or faster was the single thing that pushed me into more and more powerful hardware.    The 386SX wasn't good enough, so I got a 386DX.  That wasn't good enough either, so I got a 486DX4100, and still the game was slow.  Same with a Pentium 2 and a Duron.  It probably wasn't perfect until even later when I got an Athlon.

Now I run a quad core Phenom II, with probably 10,000 times more processing power than that 386. 

But I bet the new Duke Nukem game will make this rig crawl and I'll be off again on that same mission to build something that can actually play the game.  

Or the game won't be worth it.   One or the other. 

Meanwhile I am enjoying Duke 3D with way more horsepower than it needs.  It finally plays perfectly. 



Look, I see pigs flying!



Any plans for Nathan Grayson to provide writing classes to his cro-magnon co-workers?  Or was the Editor awake to check this story before posting?  Either way, good job.



They are referred to as "early modern humans". =)



I'm curious as to when the 'beta' period is supposed to start for all those who've purchased the 'pre-order' Duke packs and/or those who were 'guaranteed' an invite to playtest, for buying specially marked products from PC to Xbox?

Neither my son nor I have received our notices yet...and we're not gonna feel very 'special' if we get to play a day earlier than non-pre order peeps :(




Did you register the early acccess key they gave you on the Duke's First Access Club website?

If you did you would be getting emails with information from Gearbox. The early access is not access to a beta version it is access to the demo. They notified First Access Club members last week that the demo will be available to First Access Club members on June 3rd (

On PC Duke is a Steam managed game, so they will likely send out a special key to activate the demo on Steam. Make sure you go and register your early access key soon. If you are not registered in the club you will not get access to the demo.



No kidding. I remember a while back that Steam Boarderlands owners got a demo or something. Heck, I have a demo key!!



You know what would really suck? Just imagine that after all this waiting we have had to endure. All the agony and pain brought upon our souls over the years. Just imagine if the game sucked. All I can think of is how many reported suicides there will be in the newspapers the next day. And of course those that have hidden away in the mountains all these years refusing to return until Duke comes back and frees their shackles.

Of course, at this point, I don't think it can suck. I mean, if they took a mario game and stuck Dukes face on his head I might be satisfied enough.

So my question to everyone is, what would you do if the game just utterly sucked?





I'm actually excited to hear this.  It does bring back a bit of nostalgia, circa 1997.  Hopfully this game will be worth playing..



I'll wait until it's $10 on Steam.



Lol, what's one more year, right?



I will wait for the reviews before I make up my mind on whether to buy or not. The length of time this took to go gold it will either be the bomb, or it will bomb.

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