Will Wright Discusses New Game, Possibly Creates Skynet



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This is garbage.... could it be any more vague.



Will Wright must pay journalist a fuck ton of money to spin his games as being promising. Remember Spore? It was a piece of shit. This man isn't a "visionary" he just comes up with ideas that are completely ridiculous and the media eats the shit up. He is trying to be the Steve Jobs of videogames except he can't actually live up to Apples quality when it comes to the actual production release.



Before I Googled, I thought he made Angry Birds coz he does seem to resemble the Red bird. Sorry, somebody has to say it.


h e x e n

In my opinion, this is one of the dumbest idea's I think I've heard of when it comes to gaming. It's right up their with OnLive.

I play games to escape the monotony of life, not be surrounded by it.

"Will H E X E N make it to the fridge to grab himself a beer? OH NO! The stub toe chair monster is lurking around the corner. Whatever shall he do!?!?!?"




Sounds interesting. What will come of it is hard to say.

I find that Mr. Wright and as well Peter Molyneux are extemely big dreamers and that is something to be commended. They have these vast visions that sound fantastical when you first hear about them. The problem is that often the technology just isn't there to really support the grand vision and compromises have to be made.

Don't get me wrong I've played the games Sims, Spore, Black & White, and Fable (and sequels) and enjoyed myself. I didn't feel cheated in any way. But still the final product wasn't anything like the first information that came to light on the next great gaming concept.

I'm not to sure if I'll buy into this latest revolution in the gaming world. But I will be watching to see how close the actual product comes to the current vision Mr. Wright is proposing.



when you say peter molyneux is big dreamers, you mean:

- while perfectly aware of technological limation, BS to create hype and marketing advantage

- can't do what claimed, throw in gimmick to distract player hoping they wont' notice

- pertending to be daring artist, and do crap that makes no sense at all. then sell it as a feature.


if that's what you mean by big dreamers, then yes... he is the biggest dreamer of them all. 


to be fair, his earlier games are quite good and were innovative, just not polished and planned too big. but now days i feel like he is just desperately attempt to be seen as the innovator of gaming industry.



Yeah you might be right on that one. I originaly put "to a point" but decided to give him the benifit of the doubt. I think he still dreams big, but maybe more in the "it's what everyone expects from me now" vein then having true artistic vision.

While Mr. Wright has always been a big idea man and hasn't seemed to change too much. Which is quite surprising considering how EA hasn't the best track record where developers are concerned. Then again I'm sure all the Sims add-on packs made EA a sh@t load of cash. So they might consider him their resident genius and humor him when he comes up with these grand visions.

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