Victory? – Ubisoft Sort of Changes Driver's Always On DRM



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Whatever who buys ubisoft?


Peanut Fox

Do PC gamers actaully want this game anyway?  I don't even think this appeals to that audiance. 


Holly Golightly

Okay, we seriously need some change here. No DRM should require any online connectivity at all. Ubisoft needs to do a better job at listening to us. 


Keith E. Whisman

sounds like they just want to force people to be honest. Pirates have not been stopped from pirating anything. Hell pirates are going to be playing this game on cracked copies of windows 7 running on stolen computers built from counterfeit parts.



Except UbiSoft has data showing that it has helped piracy rates.  Of course these guys know that it's not going to stop piracy.  Their goal is only to curtail it.

I like Steam for DRM.  I think that model works the best for most games.  Steam requires an internet connection, but it does have limited offline capabilities as well.


Svetty Parabols

"Except UbiSoft has data showing that it has helped piracy rates."

Ubisoft is not a credible source. Of course they are going to say that it has helped piracy rates, they don't want to look like total asshats. They have no accurate data on how many copies of their game has been pirated. If one person plays the game legitimately per 100 people playing the game, then their DRM is a complete failure.



Problem is, while it may have reduced instances of piracy it *has not* resulted in greater sales, proving that a pirated copy != a lost sale.

So the big question is, since those pirating aren't going to buy the game anyway, how much are you willing to piss off your actual paying customers with restrictive, draconian DRM?



Very very good point!

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