V-Day D-Day: Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming February 14



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I will not buy this unless they release it on Steam without Origin or any 3rd party DRM.



Yepper - While not as extreme as you, I simply won't buy anything that requires Origin unless it's an absolute Blockbuster that I must have. In other words, BF3 is the only title in my Origin library and it will stay that way until BF4 or Bad Company 3 comes out.

ME3 was on my purchase radar until I found out Origin was required and not available on Steam.

EA is more concerned about profit than customers, and while I realize every company is in business to make $$, it's bad form to screw your user base at every turn while remaining so out of touch w/ what your customers want.

Steam and Valve is not w/out it's faults, but who out there can say they don't have a long list of positives? I can't say the same about Origin OR EA.



I will not be supporting this title.



I also will not be purchasing anyting from EA again, since their support of SOPA/PIPA, implicit as it may have been.



If the demo provides enough of a look at how the end result would be, I'll wait for my pre-order to come in. Otherwise, I'll cancel my pre-order and acquire the game (and DLC) in another way.

In regards to Steam v. Origin, I would have to say that Steam isn't without issues of its own. With all due respect, it's a great client but there are some things that have pissed me off about it. First and foremost, I had to re-install ME2 when the update was released because apparently Steam decided to brick my copy (I don't even know whether it at least tried to update or not). Then a few months ago, Steam couldn't sync with Rusty Hearts so I got screwed out of 2 achievements. Hell, even Left 4 Dead 2 had some startup problems (I'd have to try 2 or 3 times at least before it would start up)! On top of that, I've gotten countless amounts of disconnects during chats (it's not my connection's fault).

All in all, I'm only focusing on getting the game to finish off the trilogy (I have a physical copy of ME1, a Steam copy of ME2, now hopefully a physical copy of ME3). To be honest, I wouldn't mind Origin on my computer as much as other people since along with Steam, I also have Ubisoft's DRM (ACB and ACR) loaded. Now if Origin ends up causing the same problems (or problems of the same severity) as Steam, I won't hesitate to unleash a verbal fury on the Bioware forums.



Not buying EA crap until they untwist their panties in regards to Valve and until they stop doing crappy Xbox ports...



I wish EA would end their pissing contest with Valve, and put ME3 on Steam, so I can have the entire collection there.



That's how I feel. I have the first two, and all the DLC that expands the list of missions (I don't care for new armor) and had no trouble working it with Valve. Don't exactly know what Origin is suppose to be doing better to make me want to use it.




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