Tribes Ascending to Open Beta on Friday



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Tribes 2 Base ++ was better.

This is OK. There's a great disconnect between the player and the environment. The physics are designed to promote skiing to the point that everything else is moot. Even jetpack flight is castrated compared to the previous versions. In the Tribes series of games, skiing was originally a fluke or exploit; the true highpoint of the game was jetpack flight and complete freedom of movement. In the early 2000's, a small group of "pro-gamer" types managed to leverage the popularity of their private competition ladder and the ineptitude of publisher Vivendi Universal to hijack the series and change the focus of the game to skiing, to the exclusion of all other aspects. This latest version of the game has not recovered from that design shift.

There's no first-person view while piloting, so the vehicles themselves block your view, and that's a problem.

The game screen is cluttered with distant, persistent icons.

Someone tried too hard to combine RPG and shooter elements; the experience, gold, and unlocking systems are a pain-in-the-ass that doesn't belong in a fast-paced, real-time shooter. Maybe the idea is that these things will keep RPG junkies coming back for more? Problem is, they're just an obstacle for shooter fans. Maybe it's a Battlefield or CoD thing?

You get two guns and one grenade. Color me unimpressed. Give me three guns and three grenades.

Each map seems to have its own personality, though I wish they had more. Max out the graphics, and the environments are modestly interesting, although they always remain muted, drab, low-contrast affairs--possibly an unfortunate signature of the Unreal engine. But none of that matters: "Pro-gamers" will undoubtedly hack the game to run with minimal graphics detail and brilliant, glowing enemies that can be seen for miles.

This isn't a bad game at all. It's not quite the Tribes game I was hoping for, but it's better than anything since Tribes Base ++. I think I'll keep playing it, try to learn it, see if it grows on me. Right now, it just doesn't hit me with the force of Starsiege: Tribes or Tribes 2.

At least it doesn't have grappling lines....



What's funny is that I finally had gotten a Closed Beta key last Friday but didn't start playing it until a couple days ago (I had checked my email earlier that day). Oh well, I blame the ME3 Demo MP for taking up the weekend I could've CBT'd Tribes Ascension.



It's a great game, been playing it for weeks now, also you're late, it went open beta yesterday.



Free? Free?

If its free, its for me!

I guess I'll have to put World of Tanks down for a minute.



As long as it's not another hack from those asshats at Team Warfare, who only managed to destroy one of the best online games of the last decade, as well as poison the sequel, ensuring its quick demise, as well.

Hi-Rez better not be affiliated with those idiots in any way, shape, or form.

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