THQ Finally Confirms New Company of Heroes



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'But Company of Heroes Online was cancelled last year, which means the above Company of Heroes project may be Company of Heroes 2. A sequel has been rumoured but never confirmed'. - Your second source

Never confirmed, both of your sources list this as a rumour, no mention of it on THQ's or Relic's homepages, this isn't THQ Finally Confirming anything, this is THQ adding to speculations and rumour mills. Language sir, is a powerful tool, and your article is jumping to conclusions the facts do not seem to support as of yet. THQ Confirming a new Company of Heroes would be a press release from THQ, not Eurogamer or any other rumour site, but THQ and/or Relic themselves affirming this.

And this article is shoddy reporting, Mr Grayson, you are undoubtably my least favourite Maximum PC contributor due mostly to your lack of Professionalism with journalism.



I have been playing this game online WEEKLY since it came out! Ill be 50 years old in JUNE! This is the most action packed game ever created! Still has close to 5 to 10 thousand players every week on the servers I'm on and its 6 years old.

This is great news, I may upgrade my video card for it!



Cool news, I hope it's in modern days.



Yes! I really can't wait to get my hands on this! the first Company of Heroes was a very very well done RTS. I much prefer CoH rather than something like Starcraft. The cover system, buildings, terrain and real-life units really made it a very unique game. The sound and graphics were really awesome too. Can't wait to see what else they come up with.



Excited for new Company of Heroes, but Homeworld 3 guys! C'mon!


h e x e n

To be honest, I'm not sure what else they'd be able to do. It seemed like CoH was a pretty complete package with the expansions. They'd have to recycle almost every unit and or add fictional units to make the game seem fresh.

Of course, I only play RTS's for the skirmishes. I suppose a new single player campaign is entirely doable. But it seems that most of WWII, unit wise, was included in the first installment.

It will definitely be interesting to see what they churn out. I'll probably grab it regardless.



"But it seems that most of WWII, unit wise, was included in the first installment."

If you're looking at it from the a unit type (foot soilder, tank, anti-tank, light vehicles) yeah you are right. They covered it well with a good balance.

If you look at it from the different types of nations and armies, we're missing HUGE parts of WWII - Russia's ground war (especially winter) and the beach assaults of the Pacific.

They could really open this up to more than just the romantizied Americans vs Germans part.



This. Hopefully they're brave enough to focus on non-american theaters. Kinda doubt it though. They did have brits, but that's just americans that talk funny..

North Africa would be awesome. And not the part with Americans in it; El Alamein, Tobruk etc.

Russia could also be interesting.



the remake could have unit from the present like predator drones and stealth aircrafts.



The first trilogy of this game was truly well done. This is super exciting.

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