Syndicate Demo Skipping PC, But Original Coming to GOG on Thursday



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No Demo? Then Pirate.



Come on, with services like OnLive it should be way much easier to provide a timed demo without having to prepare two sets of files.


Svetty Parabols

This type of bitch move should be expected from EA by now.



well announcemnets like this tell me that syndicate on PC would be another console port.

another case where dev is held back by consoles using tech from 2005/6, if we get lucky they will slap some code on it for a bit better graphics but maybe not-

we can just pray we don't get stopped by the famous:

Press the Start Key to continue message on the load screen!



This game seems promising, but I get the feeling it's just going to end up being a Deus Ex clone.


Holly Golightly

Man... Cryostasis is one of the best games out there. And it comes without DRM. As for a PC demo... I am not really stressing it. As long as I can get my insane sales from GamersGate or Amazon Digital... I am all good.

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