Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Mega-Leak Reveals Entire Plot, Release Date



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COD can go to hell for all I care. The series is the new Guitar Hero. They are playing it out to the point that its not every going to be relevant any more. Battlefield is where its at. I hope they don't whore out BF and turn it into COD.


Seriously, COD is hammer pants as far as I'm concerned. (Unless they come out with COD: Civl War Edition or COD: War of the Colonies.)



I see alot of people bitching about why MW even has a single player campaign. I for one don't really care about multiplayer. To me, playing COD, Halo, Battlefield....all of them are just like playing UT3 with bots. Its all the same crap. Spawn, run around and shoot a guy or get shot and die. Wait til next round or respawn. Thats the bread and butter of multiplayer for most games. Quite frankly its BORING.

Not to mention all the 12 year olds that play COD screaming everything they can at you. Oh and the bizarre amount of people who are already 9th prestige 6 hours after the game launched.

I enjoy single player much much more than multiplayer. They should split games into two parts. Have MW3 single player and multiplayer in seperate box sets priced at $29.99 each. Id be happy with just the single player game.

Although I have to admit watching my friend play MW2 multiplayer using only the twin revovlers (which he named "Bertha" and "Mertha") was quite entertaining.



In a way comparing these games is like comparing Star Trek, star Wars, and Babylon 5....They all have their good points and bad, but ultimately it all comes down to user experience and opinions.

And BTW there is nothing wrong with making money!!

SZore; totally agree MoH's storyline really drew you in.



I've seen a lot of the MW hate on various boards and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Would figure people would have just given up and tried another game when it wasn't fun anymore.

I play MW 1&2 for single player and the story... thats what i love about Modern Warfare. I actually found the game to be quite emotionally driven with the house to house fighting on the eastern seaboard. Marines and Rangers were the best missions. When it's done I'd hack through multiplayer a while but ultimately give up. It's arena combat... not war... and never has been. The only thing that drove me nutz was MW2 lack of dedicated servers which allowed horrid hackers to ruin the fun for everyone else. Also, I've never been a fan of pay for content maps or extra unless its something really amazing... I do not support that model by paying for it.

For those that want large maps and real war play BF2 or just wait for BF3. I know it'll have a single player but it'll be my multiplayer of choice because it's not arena combat.... its a whole freakin war on a front that is raging back and forth.

Never understood why these games were trying to compete with each other. Other than the modern setting they are two completely different animals that do what they intend well.

Most of the complaints seem to stem from people that bought the incorrect game for the wrong purposes.



That's because everyone in the PC community hates activision. The IW studio is now nothing more than finity ward.

Slegehamer is new - rookie experience

Raven are noobs (yeah if they get enough time they can make it, but they're activision's slaves)

God knows who filled in those positions in IW.

And we have nothing to do here anyways, look out for Respawn Entertainment announcements and news.


Everyone* is talking about POST COD4 times (and era after MW2) ... the modern warfail era , which is nothing more than a shitty console game, mindless shooting and 4chan haxors galore.


ex-IW guys are pretty hardcore people to enter such lawsuits which is great , they certainly made MW2 a crappy game on purpose, they pissed off the PC community for a purpose(but still made sales on consoles, popularity sells for console sheep, not quality, they'll eat whatever grass they find) , the PC community then totally raped the Activision's public image (while the swarm was poking at IW - hardcore fans already knew Activision was the root cause) Activision was obviously pissed off because IW was doing it on purpose to shit on activision on the way out - then IW devs didn't had to care IW was property of activision , so whatever brand the PC community poked at , it was all doing Activision harm on public image. Bobby Kotick soon became the most hated person in gaming industry including media also agreed posting funny pictures of bobby kotick when reporting news about ATVI-IW clusterfuck.

That's why activision let of those guys first and made it SEEM like Vince and Zampella were plotting against Activision ... "ofcourse they were" (we don't know that for sure) - but everyone was sick of it and wanted to leave the studio , but Activision didn't wanted to give the royalties they deserved (contract)


Activision was playing all super nice with IW .... (a special contract not a lot of sold developers have because they're simly not experienced with business tricks) When Vivendi acquired Activision it was all fine for those guys to get out , since , Activision wanted to get rid of them simply because the contract was personally attached to original lead employees of IW , and not to IW as a company, it was really easy to get new guys working in IW which had no idea about any contracts and certainly activision wouldn't hire them if they approached with such a contract (IW put out a contract before ATVI bought them - ATVI agreed on contract terms at the time of buyout of IW (2003 afaik) but was neglecting it's debts later after MW2 shipped ...etc) IW is an ATVI studio and it works just like as an internal studio , all get paid how much ATVI has their standards and some bunuses are given for leads and depending on rank inside the studio, there is no ROYALTIES for IW anymore, the media sees this as bad thing , but no, ATVI planned this all along so they can rebuild the studio, and without obligation to pay royalties. The basic pay is like some thousand ... royalties for a game that sold 10 million are huge , .. in this case about 100 million.


Ofcourse, ATVI rather goes to COURT , then to pay ex-IW leads the money ... to slow their projects down with EA and new Respawn studio ... -> less competition for ATVI.

It's all sneaky and dirty business these big publishers have, however, atleast better games than EA :P

It's not really ANY of those internal people making great games .... for ATVI it was IW making their main source of income. for EA it's DICE making their main source of income on the PC FPS platform. ... publishers just give too unrealistic release dates and that's how Raven is doing i suppose , poor guys.


IWEG and 2 leads trial vs Activision is set for May 23 , keep your eyes peeld.







It all started with the misterious disappearance of GRANT COLLIER ( COD DESIGNER - PRODUCER - WRITER - COFOUNDER OF IW)


But Vince Zampella finally learned holding IP is key.



COD is the new Halo.



It's true that both weapons from both games have no recoil, but it's all about the balanced weapons, maps, and gameplay when it comes to multiplayer. First of all, Halo weapons are always balanced and there are no overpowered weapons. 2nd of all, the multiplayer in Halo includes vehicles for added realism to warfare and different ways to flank your enemy. Finally, the gameplay in Halo is out far terrific and it's the reason why Halo has always been one of the most respected FPS games in the world.

As for Activision, you fail life. I never entirely enjoyed COD, and there are so many flaws in the game that could be easily fixed if the developers weren't stupid alright. Sometimes, they over do things. For example, Treyarch went too far with the "listening to the community" thing by actually making sniping harder than ever. I mean, come on, realy, it's damage is so low!

Battlefield 3 shall become the new Call of Duty. I really love how Battlefield weapons have the recoil, and that controled bursts were necessary at times. Unlike COD, in Battlefield games, you need cooperation and good planning if you want to win a match. Being a lone wolf will only result in losing every single match guaranteed.

Sorry Activision, you're not getting my money this time. And you better not make MW4, I mean, we've had enough with the crappy plot.



Call of Duty is not the worst thing ever in the FPS scene, Activision is. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was a remarkable, amazing and long-lasting game, a true staple in the evolution of first person shooters. But Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops were just two steps backward, and two more thanks to consolification. Modern Warfare 2 had many stupid, overpowered perks, no recoil guns, no dedicated servers, nothing. Black Ops atleast has some recoil, but the maps are just stupid mazes, sniping got totally nerfed, and the so-called dedicated servers aren't dedicated, they're rented.



Yeah, keep that milk machine running Activision, this cow prolly has another 4 or 5 years left in her. 



I know, I know, CoD is the worst thing to come to a 1st person, multiplayer game ever, in the whole history of man.  Well fuck that, I enjoy playing them.  I'm not the best at it, but I hold my own.  I've been playing CoD since the first release on PC forever ago.  I enjoyed it then and will enjoy it now.  

Also, I love Battlefield 2 and can't wait for BF3.  So, well maybe instead of picking sides I will enjoy BOTH!  I really do not understand the hate of CoD, if its not your game then fell free to stop playing. If it is then I will see you on the new multiplayer maps.  

If BF is the GOD of FPS to you then I will see you on those too.  Two compleatly different games and I enjoy both of them.

If you have no idea why I'm making these two comparisons then you are not the same playing field as the majority of players that leave comments about these two games.

I will play the CoD games untill I find no joy in them.  They make a lot of cash, so no matter what is said about them the majoity of people do like them.  Welcome to the minority, you will be put in line with the others small voices.

I will play BF games untill I find no joy in them.  BF was never as populer as CoD. Get over it, play what you like and stop comparing.  I did and I'm glad I did.

For anyone else.  I really do not care about your openion.  Just as you should not care about mine.

I'm gonna go play some Bad Company 2 now.  Followed up by a bit of Black Ops.  Then I get to enjoy the real life of my kids and wife.



You liked COD 2? Although it was not 'bad' (the story was good) I thought MOH was MUCH better. I do not care for the run and gun MP, why do they make the single player so short and stale?



Yay another COD game that I won't buy.  I stopped playing COD after MW2, and I'm glad I did.  They are just miliking the franchise at this point. 

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