Rumor: Maxis Working on Sim City 5, Announcement Right Around the Corner



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I'm an avid SimCity fan whom despised SC4 beyond what I can describe to you but have dedicated weeks of my life to SimCity3000Unlimited and will continue to give it more hours, even as those available hours become nearly-nonexistent haha

SimCity2000 was excellent also (:

Sim City 5 is now on my very short list of games I'm remotely interested in trying;
StarDock's Galactic Civilizations III
Command & Conquer Generals 2
Sim City 5



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A well known Sims gamer posted on a blog yesterday that Lucy Bradshaw commented that the game is about 30% finished, but won't be ready for about a year yet. They are still working on a few more expansion pack for The Sims 3 franchise, and once that winds down, they will be able to devote more resources to developing Sim City 5. SC4 was one of my all time favorite games, so this is tremendously awesome news to me! Lucy Bradshaw works for EA, so I trust her comments to be true. A fan site that may have information on this as well is Simtropolis. They have been around for many years, and is pretty much the number 1 fan site for all things Sim City, with several hundred thousand members. Upgrade-able buildings, curved roads, and 3D views, sign me up for a pre-order!



Cool - I play SC4 and although it's a nice game, there are some limitations in it, and it's very CPU bound, isn't multithreaded (definitely not a good combination), and doesn't work with ati graphics cards. My old PC with a Pentium 4 2.8GHz (Northwood), 2GB DDR 400MHz, an Nvidia Geforce 6200, and XP SP3 runs it just as well as my current one, i5 750 2.66GHz (Lynnfield), 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, an Nvidia Geforce 550ti, and Windows 7 64-bit. Really?



I used to love Maxis games until they snuck SecurROM on my system with their demo of Spore. The demo for crying out loud!

Since then, when I hear of Maxis, I do not have good thoughts. I do not trust them, just as they did not trust me.



If there's one thing I hope they fix: the pathfinding algorithm. When a "My Sim" can't find his work place across the street, something's very broken.



+1. The old path finding algorithm would never let the sim move away from his destination, even if it resulted in a faster commute (drive past workplace to park, park at lot then walk back a block to a subway station, walk to a mass transit station one block in the opposite direction of his commute, etc.)

Computers are considerably faster now from when SimCity4 came out. Hopefully more robust pathfinding will be supportable.



Some questions that will be answered soon in the further news on this one...

Will there be arcos?
How many maps will be able to be connected?
Will it incorporate Sims into the cities as other more recent versions have?

A major make or break item... Will a version of it work on an item such as iPad I or II, although it's imminent it will work with iPad III and also androids.

Many years ago I was the record holder for population in SC2000



Now the question is will we get the game play that a modern Sim City deserves or will we get some watered down piece of junk. The complexity was what kept people buying up till version 4. Otherwise we might as well just go play Cityville for free.


h e x e n

Kick ass!!!!

I still play 2000 occasionally.

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