Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to Feature Four-Player Co-op



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I only played the first Mass Effect, but I did like it and play it through to the end... I have no idea how co-op would fit into it, though.



What I think would be really cool, is if in a final battle, you have an option to join other players, in a huge co-op battle to save earth! And if you continue solo, then you just worry about your bit, but if you co-op, then you can also hear about other battles going on, etc, and help you other players if needed.



Yeah, I'm with Brad -both about the spammers and his game comments.  The Mass Effect series has been such a stellar release - arguably one of the best RPG series ever released in computer gaming.  I hope they don't screw it up with taking a turn into left field for the last episode.


Brad Nimbus

I can't believe people actually pay these slobs to spam up forums. If I ever meet you I'm going to stomp your computer into the ground. 

I just hope they don't pull a Dragon age 2. It had so much promise but was just too different.  

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