Remedy Refutes Microsoft's Alan Wake “Couch Experience” Comment



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I bought these Calvin Underwear several months ago, and they look just as hot as the day I bought them!They are very comfortable and have enough room to

fit everything!They are a great pair of durable and sexy underwear.



better experienced on the couch...

This from the company which is trying to push the merging of all devices with windows 8... i'm sorry, I couldn't understand you... you're lying out of both sides of your mouth.


oh, and i'm happy to see the facetrash box changed. i recently dropped several sites that were mandating facetrash signins or facetrash tracking, so thank you.



it really depends on the game. I'll agree some games are better played with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse combo... However, most of the time I'm using a xbox 360 controller on a pc game, it's an indie title, and not a AAA game, FPS, RTS, or some other genre I can't name off the top of my head.



I remember my first comment on this was "You can plug your TV and 360 controller into a PC anyway..."


Holly Golightly

Man... The amount of waiting I did for this game. This takes me back to the discovery of the 8800GTX. Sadly enough, the wait has been waaay too long. I just do not know if I am willing to get the game. I guess they forgot their roots in the gaming industry. This better offer enticing extras to sway me back to getting it after all this time. It was just too damn long.

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