RAGE Enrages PC Players with Brokenness, Bethesda Blames Graphics Card Drivers



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Haven't been having any of those problem with the bf3 drivers. No choppiness, no texture pop, no issue whatsoever and with everything on max @ 1920x1200. Maybe it has to do with settings. Only issue I had was with the mouse, but that was quickly fixed by messing with the sensitivity inside and outside of the game.



While I do think it sucks that there is no advanced graphics options in the game itself... I for one am running the BF3 beta drivers.. and when i first loaded up the game it did have mega graphic issues.. popins.. tearing.. i never had any crashes though. After creating a profile for the game in nvidia control panel and forcing vsync, tripple buffering, 32x anti-aliasing.. all glitches were handled.. game runs and looks great on my system (1090t, 8gb ddr3, evga GTX580SC). I played for 5 hours last night. Understandably not every pc gamer knows enough to go set these settings themselves so it does make id/bethesda looks kinda bad. I for one feel like the game is exactly what i expected it to be.. a shooter with some RPG elements thrown in. I think its great.. grabbed and held my attention for 5 hours last night.. well past when i should have gone to bed. I for one love running around the wastes in my buggy blowing stuff up =P

Begin rant! Now on to how id was saying that the graphics where gonna be up to par with the best games out there.. this i a huge NO.. while the game does look good the landscape textures leave alot to be desired.. rumor has it there will be a high res texture pack for PC.. im sorry it will be too little too late... Crysis 2 anyone? I didnt have the machine to REALLY play crysis 2 before the HD pack and DX11 update so it didnt bother me so much because i didnt play it prior.. but how many people really replayed the game just because they FINALLY released what should have come out day one... When are they going to learn not to hype up a games graphics... then release it without said graphics with a promise of an update in the future? It just makes you look bad.. end rant



It's taken me forty hours to get the game playable on my desktop (runs almost fine on my m11x R3), the largest culprit being that C2Ds apparently don't handle the texture streaming well, so you have to add a launch variable (+vt_maxPPF 8) to limit the number of threads so it doesn't bring the system to its knees.  Haven't had any crashing issues, just performance (and content, but that's what I get for pre-ordering).



This should be the final realization for most people:


Always wait 1-2 weeks after release for all the bug fixes in order to save yourself some frustration. Hell, I won't even buy it until it's 50% off or more. 



Duck Dodgers

True, I won't even touch most games until the Christmas and Summer Steam sales.



I dont get it. My VAIO from last year plays this game flawlessly. I love it, and it runs faster and better than Deus Ex:HR with all the settings turned down. I have never updated drivers since the day I got the computer, and lets remember, its a freakin laptop. If you have beta drivers and it doesnt work for you, stop blaming the developers just because you forgot the first rule of using anything beta, "It can and will crash"



LOL...blame it on the drivers, eh?  What, they didn't have any current drivers themselves to test it with before release?  They don't know the URL's of AMD and nVidia's driver download websites?  

We're not stupid - you rushed an unfinished, console port to release.  And after all the hype it's just a generic (albeit pretty) shooter to boot.  Nothing any of us haven't seen before.

Thank gawd I didn't pre-order.  In fact, I've given up on pre-ordering due to the rash of crap releases we've had this year.



Yes, they had the current drivers to test it with before release...at the time those drivers were available. One of the players mentioned that he rolled back to an earlier release of Catalyst, and it largely resolved the texture issues. Looks like AMD borked it with their latest drivers.

Another player recommends changing vsync and engaging triple buffering, which a couple of other players confirmed improves the issues as well. Most people forget about triple buffering, you can read up about it at Anand's: http://www.anandtech.com/show/2794



I'm no expert, but I would think that testing and making adjustments takes time, and is a never ending process. At some point they have to have a cutoff for releasing the game. Unfortunately the latest BF3 drivers (that were just recently released) seem to not work so well with the game. This is not the game developers fault, but it is up to them to get with the driver developers and work out the problems, which they are doing, and develop a patch or get new drivers developed or both.



Lets blame consoles. Yeah! Its the Xbox's fault that the "super graphics are EVERYTHING" PC game of the year is broken.


Or maybe its global warming!





why not blame the lowest common denominator?

"Oh hey, we have an awesome game here but we have to spend a couple of years to dumb it down for the masses who will only buy and play it on outdated consoles." 


Tablets are great for indie games (e.g. Osmos, world of goo, aquaria) ... cant wait to see more get ported over



Or how about blaming the company THAT MADE THE DAMN GAME hmm? How about blaming the person who wrote all the "megatexture" maddness that didn't pan out like he dreamt it would?


Nope it's the PS3's fault.

It's the 360's fault.

Tablets, netbooks....what's next? You gonna blame jews next?

I swear (some!) PC gamers are the most snobby spoiled little BRATS ever. They brag about EVERYTHING and blame everone else because their $5,000 wundergraphics machine that's used soley for first person shooter(lets face it, MOST pc titles are...) sometimes isn't at the top of the "my e-p3nor is bigger than urs!" list.

It's fricken pathetic.


Believe it or not their IS MORE to games and FUN(remember that? No it's not a graphic setting...) than "DX35, 28,000 x 14,400res, MINE IS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN LIK ERRRYTHANG YOU HAS NUB!".


On another note.....I wasn't one bit interested in RAGE to begin with. Seeing the MESS it turned out to be I'm glad I wasn't interested in the first place.



Well unfortunately the numbers dont lie.  Im not blaming the consoles themselves im blaming the people who purchase the games on the consoles.  These people are holding back the class so to speak.  Consoles are where development studios make the most money so of course they are going to be console centric.   Ima  console owner as well.   I have a wii which collects dust and a PS3 that is pretty much only used for blu rays.  Thankfully we still have awesome games that just arent good for consoles.  (Sc2, LoL etc. just to name a couple which definitely arent FPS games)

Yes, this is Carmack and ID's fault for giving us an unpolished game.  But is it their fault for following the money trail? 

Dont get me wrong, consoles have their place... Sports games, fighting games, family fun games etc.

Tablets have their place too, i cant wait to see more indie games developed for tablets.  Some of my favs are ports from the PC (Osmos, world of goo etc.)  There is some great gaming to be had on tablets.   However tablets dont really compete with the PC gaming space.  I wont play these awesome indie games on my PC (where i prefer multiplayer games or the occassional AAA title)  but i still want to play them, and a tablet is a great way to casually play them.  

It has nothing to do with resolution, my monitor is a 42" 1080 panel, yet my PS3 is hooked up to a 120" projector and screen.  Racing games on the PS3 have literally made friends sick.  Yes i enjoy having AA and aniso on etc.  Who wouldnt?? My issue with consoles are a fairly long list.  The main points being the lack of a keyboad / mouse way of playing, lack of customization, lack of community based choices (e.g. vent, teamspeak, etc.), mods, the fact that the manufacturer has complete control of the hardware and underpowered hardware at release etc. 

As you can see these are all valid points and they aren't Jewish centric. 




Unfortunately releasing buggy PC games seems to be par for the course with most publishers these days lol.

Yes the menus are heavily consolized in this game however that appears to be the main conlized problem.

I had tearing issues until i update my drivers which took all of 5 minutes (nvidia)

The in game menus are pathetic when it comes to options however being an Id game its easy enough to add the cvar changes in the launch options.  Opening up that FOV was first on my list however getting rid of the headbob entirely seems to be a bit of a challenge.  Editing default.cfg doesnt appear to have any affect and adding an autoexec.cfg isnt working either.  

the save system does suck but thats to be expected with any game that hits noob consoles.  Im really starting to hate people who support consoles lol.  I would say i hate them worse than macsholes. 

with that said the game is still damn fun, yea theres not much of a story but who cares its a good ole shooter.

Id needs to make quake 3.5....



The game is not bad but the high amount of low rez textures and painfully slow buggy texture streaming gives it "Consolitus".  If the only real options one can change in the display settings are AA and GPU Transcode then too me the game is nothing but a lazy port.  Don't blame the Video drivers, blame your greedy pockets.  For that Carmack should worked for Zynga instead.



what has been puzzling me for some time since dx 10 is the continued issues of software/drivers for graphics- it used to be all you needed was the card - if you wanted the newest driver that was a perk.

now each new game seems to need a custumized driver- i should nothave to upgrade my driver each time a new game gets released



Bethesda has put out buggy games. Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas are just a couple of examples. I am less likely to believe it's a driver issue, and more the fact that Bethesda releases games with bugs in them. (Of course you wouldn't admit you screwed up? What big company would?)



Name a software title that has been released completely bug free. You can't you say?

An excessive number of bugs is different story, but you can't blast a software developer for releasing a title with bugs in it. They all do since it is impossible to manufacture every scenario during the testing process. Some testing has to be done by we the people.



You misunderstand: I am not bashing them because there are bugs in it: I am doing so because there are bugs that can otherwise render the game unplayable (or is a big hindrance).



Yes I see your point. I agree that it's uncalled for to have bugs that severe in a brand new game.



I agree.  I consistently see Bethesda release the most gorgeous, immersive, and crash prone games I have played.  While I understand that games of this magnitude require a lot of time to play test, considering the size of the world, you would think they would bolster their QA department to include more than just 3 people.  Yes, you read it right, 3 people, or at least that is what the credits at the end of Fallout 3 (or New Vegas, can't remember, but I think they were about the same,) would have you believe.  So when I only see one entry for any type of QA department, and under that you only have 3 people, it helps me to understand why they constantly put out the buggiest games in the industry.

As far as I understand, this issue plagues every single title that Bethesda has released.  If any other publisher did this on as regular a basis as Bethesda, they wouldn't be around.  But we continue to see unplayable games being released, and we continue to buy them, because when they do work, they are spectacular.

I really think that Bethesda should take a page from Blizzard and Bioware.  These are two companies that aren't afraid to push back a release because the game isn't working as intended.  It is this approach that puts them at the top of the pile for game makers.  If Bethesda were to mimic this, even just a little, I am sure that they would have a more fanatical following, rather than just a fickle one.



New Vegas was Obsidian, using Bethesda's stuff. But yeah, Bethesda releasing a bug-free game on launch is a sign of the  Apocalypse. Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal, Oblivion, Shivering Isles, Fallout 3, Brink...


I couldn't play Fallout 3 in fullscreen mode until 5 months after launch.



yeah but drivers don't fix a broken save system, shitty game mechanics and a shitty story on an otherwise graphically beautiful game.



After being burned on a game called Doom 3 in 2005 I gave up on ID.

Rage was in development for a very very long time so I guess you can hope for Doom 4 or

Quake 5 which is suppose to be like Quake I getting back to the Cthulu roots if that is what Quake I

was =)



Doom 3 was an amazing game. How could you possibly be upset that that game? Kids needs to grow up and go back to consoles and be happy. Too much complaining with PC gamers. PC gamers are like a bunch of 12 year old girls as a Justin Beiber concert!!



I'm sorry if we've come to expect a certain level of polish and quality from our games that console gamers seem to be fine without. When you get comfortable with a greatly inferior level of hardware, you tend to ignore the crap that you're playing.

But when you've paid more for your computer than some people pay for an entire home theater setup plus console, you come to expect to be able to actually use the hardware to its full potetional. I upgraded my video cards for Battlefield 3, and it was well worth the expense, because I can now play and enjoy BF3 in its maximum graphical ability. Something you console gamers are missing out.

Want to talk about "whiny 12 year olds?" Shall we bring up any online shooter on a console, and the things that those whiny 12yo kids say when they get shot?






you need to stop letting John Carmack make you his bitch.



I was disappointed that I am going to have to wait a week or 2 before buying this game, (just paid bills) but now Im glad..  I dont want another Crysis2, I pay for the game, beat it with crappy graphics, and beat it again when an "enhanced patch" comes out which makes the game like it should have been from square one. I did see this coming though. There is an interview I saw with Carmac, and he did say they made "mistakes" by not putting pc development 1st, and then basically promised to never do it again, and promised that ID was "putting money into the PC"  Anyone else see that?



Smells like a last minute XBOX code port. If they had done the game properly they would have used older drivers in developement so no issues. If they just ported the game a couple of weeks ago from the final xbox code using beta drivers then hay presto you screw things up. So john, you think your gods gift to programming. Make video promises you didn't keep, pretending  your sharing the PC love. Yeah right. Didn't he sell his company so he is only an employee now?

Lucky, late europe launch allowed me to cancel, might bargin bin it in a few weeks when the PC version is left on the shelf.

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