PSN Finally Returns, Sony Offers Free Games as Apology for Downtime



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I think everyone here who complained is ingrateful. Just saying. Sony's already taking a hit in the billions. This is probably about as bad as Microsoft having to replace every RROD'd 360, for free.

If you don't like it, don't accept it. Simple. Was your life really altered by this experience? Maybe you're the <0.001% that were actually affected by this, you can go ahead and sue. But for the average PS3 user who had some minor inconveniences of changing a few account passwords and getting a new credit card... This is compensation enough.

And one year to review how secure your identity is is long enough. Take advantage of it.



What a lame-ass excuse of a an offering.

At bare minimum, they should be offering all affected customers 3 years of paid Identity Protection with Lifelock or another service.


Offering something that has a net cost/effect to them of zero is an insult.



My girlfriend got me a 120GB Playstation "slim" to replace my 3 yr-old, aging, 40GB PS "fat?". I got it about a week after the outage (meaning 2 days after they owned up to the problem), and have been stuck with just staring at the damn thing til the PSN comes back up. Though I'm worried about the breach of my personal info, Sony's been good enough in the past to get a 2nd chance. They hit the sweet spot for me: wooing me back with old games I was interested in but didn't wanna eat $59 for a game I may hate (looking at you Lil Big Planet...dodged a bullet there).

Meanwhile 30 days on PSN+ is more than enough time to yank the free games they offer there. Do I have to stay a member of PSN+ to keep those games?



"Meanwhile 30 days on PSN+ is more than enough time to yank the free games they offer there. Do I have to stay a member of PSN+ to keep those games?"


I got this from the Playstation Plus FAQ:

"Once downloaded, the games are yours to keep and play as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus. If your subscription lapses and then you re-subscribe, the games you have already downloaded will reactivate, so you still have access to them."


That sounds like you get cut off if your subscription lapses to me.



So Sony is gonna give me Dead Nation and inFAMOUS for PS3, as well as 2 PSP games, "on them" movie rentals, plus 60 more days of my Playstation Plus subscription as the result of me not being able to play online for a couple weeks?

Sounds good to me.



I am content with the ID protection but with all those little bitchy kids you've got to pacify them somehow. Though I graciously accept the free stuff (oh the hypocrisy!).



I'd like some bigger titles like MAG, COD4, and 4 free "old classics". Now THAT'S what  I call "Free games to conpensate"!!


And WTF, 30 days ONLY!? How about 60 days for those poor non-members. Gawd. It's THEIR problem for such damage to happen right? I mean, 77 million customer's credit card info and the money in their bank accounts are stolen. More free stuff please!!


PS. I do not own a PS3 nor an Xbox. However, I have a PSP1000, but I never bought online, so I'm fine. I remember having a PSN account, but I only used it once to play Star Wars: Renegade Squadron. Damn hackers in multiplayer, pathetic.


Darth Do'Urden

Crap happens. I was never that bent about it to begin with. If I'd been affected in ANY way whatsoever aside from not being able to post my Pac-Man score, or if I'd been paying for PSN to begin with I might be more irritated. As such, 4 free games (I have a PSP as well) is quite welcome.



This sums it up for me. ^




You were lucky then... Some of us, not so much!



I'll accept the free stuff, but I still am upset about the breach. Though to be fair, Sony has offered quite a bit, and not just games or PSPlus, but like the free 12 months of identity protection



Is that still only to US residents or have they finally offered the same service to the rest of their customers around the world?

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