PSN Congressional Hearing: Sony Claims Anonymous Involvement, Congress Calls Sony's Response “Half-Hearted”



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i would rotflmfao if it turned out Geohot did it.



I'd like to point out that this tape has not
been tampered with or edited in any way. It even has a timecode
on it, and those are very hard to fake.

For the benefit of the court, would you please
explain "timecode"?

Just because I don't know what it is ...
doesn't mean I'm lying.



Love the strange brew reference.



Ive made many "pro-sony" posts in the past(I have ALOT of Sony products....if Sony makes it then i have it basically) but I do agree that they should have personally contacted all PSN account holders when when this whole crap went down. 


But the good news is id wager that the corperate d-bag that was in charge of this whole mess will be fired or at least moved to a different position. Sony learned their lesson and hopefully will emerge from this a better company. 



I really wonder what Sony's E3 conferences are going to be like this year. IF they even hold them.



It was obviously Anon., Anonymous supported Geohot all the way and then some. I never liked Sony so I don't really care to see them lose their customer base and potentially crumble. This should have been long predicted!

Long live Geohot, Anonymous and the iPhone!



I seriously hope that the hint of sarcasm I detect in this fake-sounding ignorant mob mentality is really there. Otherwise, you would count among the most mentally damaged persons I have ever met.


I Jedi

It could have been very well a faction of anonymous. They are not a tightly regimented organization, and have their own "chapters" of indidviduals in different areas. I wouldn't put it past some pissed off faction of anonymous to do such a thing. Yes, Anonymous operates as a fighter against what it sees as corporate greed, scientologist, etc, but that doesn't mean someone from Anyoymous DIDNT do it. It could just as easily be someone trying to frame Anonymous to keep heat off of their back, who knows.



I just don't see it. I'm not saying it's impossible, just highly unlikely. I mean, has anon ever successfully hacked a corporate databank like this before?
It sounds like Sony is just trying to pass the buck here, which doesn't really matter since the question is still why wasn't security tightened and issues fixed back during the Geohot fiasco?



of course, Sony could just as easily planted the aleged file itself to CYA in face face of the fact it had probably the most porous security set up this side of an 80's hairband back-stage.



Yeah, and anyone worht their salt is thinking the same thing. 


I love sony systems, but I think for now i'll just open up notepad, write "We are Legion" in there, save it as anonymous.doc, and keep it in some obscure windows file in case I ever decide to start doing shady things such as hosting a pirate site on this rig. 


"But Anonymous haXed my c0mputer! they put that stuff there. Blame them."


I can play this game too. It is fun. 



I agree, if the only evidence that Sony can present is the most easily faked type of file in existence, then that will set a sad, sad precedent.  Not saying it wasn't Anonymous, or sympathizers, but that's still the weakest of weak prosecutions.  And yes, I am inclined to think that Sony planted it there to create an easy scapegoat.

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