Pow, Biff, Ka-Ching: DC Universe Online Goes Free-to-Play



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After looking at the list comparing the Free User vs. Paying User, I like the idea of limiting free users to 6 messages per 1/2-hour.  This would cut down some of the chat spam that goes on (although I usually ignore the chats anyways since most of it is garbage).  I might give this a spin and see if it is worth it.



Frankly, I have been very tempted to try out DC Universe but after reading several bad reviews about the game play and controls I was really too scared to invest the amount of money required to try it out on the off chance that it was good enough to justify the cost upfront. The free to play model really encourages me to give it another look and see how the game goes. 



I'm waiting for Star Trek Online to go free to play (which is later this year). I might give this one a shot though.

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