Own Dragon Age II? Then A Free Copy of Mass Effect 2 (With DLC) Is Waiting for You



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You know, there are so many old games now, it might start to make sense for companies to just say "Hey, buying Dragon age 4? We'll give you 9 copies of Mass Effect 1/2/3 and 4 copies of DA:O, DA2, and DA3. Hell, here's a dozen copies of KotOR" to try to spur sales. I know that some other games did this. I think Portal 2 came with Portal? Or was it the Witcher 2 with a free copy of the Witcher?



I wish this was a Steam download...  Oh well.  I played ME2 on console, but now I guess I'll see how it fares on PC.

I think DA:O was a better game than DA2 but DA2 did add some stuff to the table that I really like (mostly the Mass Effect carryovers).  I hope EA lets Bioware put in the effort for DA3 instead of rushing it out like they did with 2.



I totally passed on DA2. Picked up ME2 when it came out.

Besides, I think the first Mass Effect was better, had a more coherent story, and felt bigger.



i really am starting to regret ever being born. at best buy, it was dragon age 2 or mass effect 2, but guess what, i wanted masseffect 2, so i bought it, and now im sorry for it. 



Why would you be sorry for getting ME2? Unless you bought it today and then just saw this article, you couldn't have know this was going to happen...



Mr. Grayson may have redeemed himself with that first comment alone. 

I won't even bother with Dragon Age II.  I couldn't play more than ten minutes.  Took longer to install the damn game.  I was expecting Elder Scrolls (go ahead and laugh) and uhh. . . yeah it felt like Final Fantasy. Uninstalled it immediately and returned it to my buddy (yeah you go ahead and upgrade your rig for that game) the next day.  Glad I didn't purchase it, but then I already own Mass Effect 2. 

I think BioWare has got the right idea though.  I mean even if the PC gaming market wasn't turned off by the game, it's great to reward people who actually chose to purchase something, especially in this day.  And I gotta say that's impressive sales for what looked to me like. . . f**kin' anime.



OK - gotta give them props for that.  Looks like they realized they done PC gamers wrong with DAII (even though they'll never openly admit it) and at least are offering up a token for it.

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