Outstanding: Modder Recreates SC II: Heart of the Swarm Units in Custom Map



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Mods are the best thing about PC gaming, but it seems lately more and more games are being locked down and it becomes harder to not only make the mods, but to install them as well. It's really sad they do this too, because some of the best experiences in games are the mods, and in some cases the mods actually fix the original game.



It's too bad because replay adds a lot of value to a game. Who wants to play a game that they can beat in 20-25 hours with nothing else to do? I applaud Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls series for allowing and even supporting modders. The game itself is an incredible time sink, but tack on mods and you can easily play that game for over a hundred hours. I haven't even finished my original Oblivion character and I'm on 60+ hours.



Amen man. My original Oblivion character was so high in level, every time I went inside a gate, all the demons should have been scrambling for the exits.

But it was soooooooo much fun!



I only wish I had purchased Oblivion sooner. Skyrim is out this month so Oblivion will be put on the shelf until I get bored with Skyrim, if that ever happens!

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