Not Our Type: PC Version of Prototype 2 Receives Three Month Delay



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I didn't even know they planned on making this for PC. Honestly I don't see the point in even making a PC version.

PC's are for FPS's anyway. Plus 90% of the people who play this on PC will be playing pirated copies. $20 million in development, and will probably only make about $15K in sales.



sounds like they did not start working on the PORT to PC at all

one the one hand this tells you it will be a console port

on the other hand- the port may be better than most because the bugs will have shaken out by then

but it will still be a port- as long as it is not another one telling me to push the start button or use the L1 key

drives me insane.,,,



Microsoft is pretty bad about this, too. Fable 3 and Alan Wake, in particular, have set new records in platform delays.

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