Nightmare's Over: Alan Wake Coming to PC After All



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Why bother, it's probably going to be a port version, and since it's released soooo long after the consoles, most people either played it, or watched videos about it.

Hell, in my opinion, I think the game is bad, all the so called "realistic" factors limits how the player plays the game. When there is like one solution, ultra linear with limited excitements and actions (compares to FPS), it just doesn't play right.



Is this the game wherein your character gets "frightened" by approaching noises and such, that you hear his breathing and heart rate become labored? I saw that in a preview, but can't remember the name of the game it was for.



The game you are thinking of is "Amnesia The dark decent" Which is also a fantastic game. It's the 2010 PC Horror Game of the Year.



Not sure about this game . I had that effect in " Call of Cthulhu – Dark Corners of the Earth " .


h e x e n

Red Dead Redemption = Gay cowboys eating pudding

Seriously, I must be the only guy who doesn't like that game. The concept and novelty is fun for all of about 3 hours. Then you realize it's as vacant as the latest GTA game, which was as vacant as the last one. GTA3 and Vice City is where it's at. SA was only fun because of all the colorful things CJ yells when picking up "ducats".

Alan Wake looks interesting though. Might grab it when it goes on sale. It's been a long time since I played a decent survival horror.



GTA3 was the shiznit. Played for an insane amount of hours. Also enjoyued Vice City. But not as much as GTA3. Not that vice city was a bad game...GTA 3 had a special place in my heart lol.



Looks like a cool game.  I do hate ports a much as the next PC gamer, but only in principal, so I am still willing to play them.




I remember trying this on the PS3 over at my cousin's house a while back.  It's a pretty good game based on what I played so far (I played it for a handful of hours).



Cool, I've wanted to try this game out, and now I will.

I second the request for Red Dead Redemption!






oh my dam. hey it's a console port...but there hasnt been much to keep me interested since Clive Barker's: The Undying. Hope this does the trick. Been waiting for this to come to PC.

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