Max Payne 3 Finally Gets Release Month and... "Deep" Multiplayer?



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It sounds good but that cover art scares me. The whole point to Max Payne was that it was like a cheesy noir movie. I think they even said that in the game! It was all about atmosphere. This just looks generic. The movie was crap. Are we now going to get a POS of a game that destroys the franchise completely?



Definitely in South America, by the looks of the cover



what the fuck have they done with max payne,


Holly Golightly

What the? What is up with the cover of the game? It is not the typical cool Matrix-like feel to it. This looks more like "War in Afganistan" kind of influence artwork. This game better not be taking place in some sort of desert where you shoot certain people... Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, Resident Evil 5, and so on. Sheesh. Give me games like Perfect Dark or the old Max Payne/Dead 2 Rights and we'll talk business. LOL, no but serious, this game better be good and not Duke Nukem flawed.



Amen, sister!

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