Mass Effect 3 Gets Stuck on Elevator, Delayed into First Months of 2012



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I was so POed that I didn't get to see alergy-girl's face, I don't think I'll play III.
(I was kinda hoping they'd scare me with it.)



Ok, so because you didn't get to see Tali's face if your character courted her, that means you won't play ME3?

Wow... Um.... ya... wow...



As long as it makes the game less buggy and kick more ass I'm all for it. Although it was honestly the only aside from Diablo 3 that I've been looking forward to.



An extra few months? No big deal. 14yrs? That'd be a problem! I think if we start comparing delays to DNF, they won't seem as bad anymore!

Hey, this at least gives me a chance to finish all the DLC!



If this means it's a few months more awesome epic, I'm all for it! I'll be playing Skyrim in the meantime, and if that gets delayed, I got a list that I want to play, like the Humble Indie Bundles.


Mighty BOB!

I hope it is better as a result.  My confidence in BioWare has been shaken by almost everything after ME1.



Do you think this is really a strategic means of dodging the Elder Scrolls Skyrim release? I'm sure they weren't afraid until the news out of Bethesda came out and now the hype is as high as ever for the new Elder Scrolls. I can see Bethesda pushing the release date back another couple month to polish, then watch Bioware shit themselves! I will play both of them, but I'm more excited for Skyrim



Hey, I'm totally fine with it.  This'll give me time to replay ME1 and ME2 along with getting caught up with the extended universe.



Yay!  Now I can really focus on buying Diablo III.  However, I'll have to manage the time from now until then without playing any new games (unless something really peaks my interest).



Ah this sucks! I already played and beat Dragon Age 2 but the game I was really waiting for was Mass Effect. Now I'm going to roll up into a ball in the corner of shower fully clothed with the cold water on and cry and shiver like I just killed someone for the first time.

Boo Hoo!


I Jedi

Oh god damn it! I knew I shouldn't have been hopeful for a September release. I think even here MxPC said not to hold our breath for a 2011 release.

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