Leaked Internal Activision Memo: "Isn't Call of Duty Today Just Like Guitar Hero Was a Few Years Back?"



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Is it just me? Or did COD2 SUCK!  Over rated all the way around.



CoD2? The WW2 based shooter that came out in 2005?



If you really think Corporations arent as dumb as we think they are then you sir are exactly as dumb as I think you are.



This reminds me of EA's old "challenge everything" slogan. It was slapped on a whole host of copycat, me-too games that challenged nothing but the veracity of the slogan. Activision is just like any other big lumbering company. As long as something is making money they won't change too much because doing so would have the potential to damage an income source (and we can't have that can we). The sad part is that this "don't try and fix anything that works" mentality seems to be rubbing off on Blizzard which used to be one of the best innovating-without-breaking teams in game development (now, given the statements I've seen some of their executives make, they're just as full of themselves as any big publisher in the business).



"...Hirshberg was adamant that Activision doesn't get enough credit for its innovations – both within Call of Duty and other franchises. "

Seriously? This statement made me angry.  I haven't found a CoD game innovative since MW1/CoD4.  How old is their game engine?  The engine is so primitive by standards from 2 years ago, its pathetic.  Their greatest innovation involves convincing everyone $60 was a reasonable price to pay for a recycled game.

I purchased BO after passing on MW2, thinking it was too much a step down from MW1 to be worth purchasing.  The vietnam theme appealed for some reason, i gues I thought it had potential (I also thought about getting back into CoD despite knowing how crap the series has become, thinking, $1billion+ in sales, they can't all be wrong can they?).  I feel like an idiot paying full price for it, because I bought the BFBC2 vietnam around the same time for 25% of the price, and ended up with a better gaming experience.

The worse part is, they've somehow managed to develope a cult following that will never fault them (just as bad as the apple cult crowd). Hurray for annually lowering the bar at xmas time!

Oh yea, and replay value... it is the worse enemey of any company that follows an annual release schedule.  Companies that give a damn about replay value release products on "valve time".



I totally agree with Screff. I noticed a big difference between MW series and BO. At least MW kept me interested for a long time. I started playing BO and i was sick of it in a week. No more COD for me. Battlefield 3 is where its at.



Mmm Battlefield 3.

Fall 2011 can't come soon enough!



As a PC gamer, I have to laugh at this guy for arguing that the franchise quality has kept people playing.  Lack of quality (constant stuttering, bugs, spawn location issues, etc) in Black Ops has stopped me and a bunch of my friends from playing.  I can tell you that I won't be buying any more Call of Duty games primarily because of this.



I really liked Guitar Hero, not too much replay value, though. The songs didn't exactly match my music taste. I never played Rock Band, but generally heard that it was much better than Guitar Hero. It's kind of a shame PC gamers (for the most part) missed out on the whole thing. There are some programs out there to play guitar style games on the PC, but I've found them to be pretty buggy.


I Jedi

To begin, I don't think that the CoD franchise is in any sort of "trouble" right now; however, I think that as time goes on, they may be looking at some. We all remember how CoD was done to death in the World War 2 scene, and many gamers were jolted to excitement at the sight of Infityward's baby: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. With the modern warfare scene being played out, much the same way that the World War 2 scene was, I think we will begin to see a downward spiral of this era, as gamers begin to take notice of the same scenery they see all of the time. Granted, new innovation and graphical design in how gameplay is done always makes for a great seller, (Try telling Homefront that!) but I believe that in order for the CoD franchise to continue, it must "move on" to a new chapter in its ongoing series.

I think that the best idea for the series is to move forward into the future, or if failing at that, go back to the days of ancient Rome. I know some will "despise" such an idea, and again, this is just my opinion, so take it for what it is worth. I know others will point out that the series begins with "Call of Duty"; however, I don't think that this title necessarily has to represent just the United States of America, but can encompass other societies' armies as well, such as the Roman Legion.

Finally, I believe, in my own opinion, that we have begun to see a negative attitude towards modern warfare series, as Infinityward has practically broken up, a not-so-high reception of Black Ops, at least from people I have talked to, and a bleak future for Modern Warfare 3. The future of the series needs to move on before it yet again beats modern warfare into the ground, as it did with World War 2.                    



I would actually like more WW2 games on an engine siilar to BF3's. Watching Band of Brothers is one thing being able to play a game that looks exactly like it is another. I also don't think modern era games are played out either it's just that instead of making a new game they repackage the old game. BF3 is looking good so far as a game that won't follow that same path, it isn't reused textures its a brand new engine. The reason that agmes get old is that there are no engine improvements between releases. Look at CS or CSS still a huge following because the engines were so good. If companies want to make games that people like they will focus o producing something that feels different. The problem now is that these games all feel the same.



This series in my honest opinion needs to have a major rehaul, or a lot of people are going to not even bother... actually probably will because, well its Call of Duty. makes me worry some of the greater FPS's coming out this year might not even be looked at even though they will be much more refreshing than COD.



If it needs a major overhalu, then why are other games trying to copy the formula?


Edit: Wow, I can't type today.

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