LA Noire Finally Gets PC Release Date, Features



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This is what Steam sales are for. Hopefully I'll nab it for half off over Christmas or something. I just can't justify full price on a port of an older game. I do like Rockstar games, and this one looks very interesting. A shame their ports aren't always so good, but I seem to be a little less picky than most about that sort of thing (perhaps having grown up on the terrible ports of 10 years ago).



I watched my kid play this on Xbox and all I have to say is the 360 can just barely run this game. It's pushing it to the absolute limit. The framerate is terrible and the textures too. It'll be interesting to see this game run on a good rig.



I think this game looks freakin' cool!  I'm going to purchase it when it comes out.  I'm the odd man out I guess, BF3 I'll probably purchase and Skyrim I'll probably pass on. (looks beautiful but not my cup of tea so to speak)


h e x e n

Too little too late Rockstar. BF3 and Skyrim are my two big purchases this year. LA Noire looked stupid anyway. Like MYST mixed with the first Driver game and Mafia.

My guess is, is that it sold less than they expected on consoles so they thought they'd port it to the PC and make a few extra million.

I've really had enough of Rockstar honestly. Here's a company that was built by the PC and then sticks its nose up at us when it becomes successful. THEN, when they do port games over, they come bundled with a bunch of useless garbage and DRM. Rockstar Social Network was the biggest waste of time. The GFW moniker didn't help either.

The one thing I will give them credit for is innovation. They have continually tried new things, new game premises, new ideas. Not many AAA developers do these days.



I would have loved to have played this game on pc when it was release for the other platforms. Now its just too late. With Skyrim coming out a few days later, this game will not be worth my time...

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