Jonathan Blow: Social Games Are “Evil,” Not Actually Social



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Have to agree. The one brief period of about two months that I tried any of these sorts of games (Via myspace at the time) I quickly realized they were nothing more than data-mining advertising machines. You're told to "invite/bite/recruit/own/buy/put a hit out on your friends" and then if you want to advance more, you must either pay into the game through microtransactions, or take heavily rigged advertising surveys which get your answers before telling you you "don't qualify." Or, you know, burn hours at a time on tedious and poorly coded exercises in the hopes of getting your next click fix level-up. In no way are they "social" exercises... unless enslaving your friends like a drug dealer hanging out near the playground is social.

Is it "evil?" Well, no more evil than any other corporation like, say, insurance, tobacco, or American ISPs which promise one thing and dweliver something else, but... yeah...

I'm just glad someone took the time to put real thought into WHY these things suck instead of just climbing up on a media platform to rail against games and earn that free publicity.


Mighty BOB!

Hmm, I'll have to read it during my lunch break.



Hmm, if games aren't supposed to take up free time, then I've been doing it wrong...

Maybe Blow really does have some Braid-style time powers!

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