John Carmack Talks Potential Quake Reboot, Hopes for Something Closer to Quake 1



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Quake 1 was one of the greatest games ever, if Id can pull that same feel and put it in a new Quake I might actually buy another computer game.



A Quake reboot with thoughts of leaning towards Quake 1 storyline, friggin awesome! I hope, (if it ever gets in production) it will be just as HP Lovecraft-ish as it ever was or even more so....



Stopped being interested in Quake when Unreal Tournament came out amd I just found it 100 times better than Quake 3. I can't say I was much of a Quake fan to begin with, though. Recently a picked up the latest UT when it was on sale on Steam and I wasn't too wowed by that, either. I've probably just gotten older.



I really liked Quake Wars. I still play it from time to time.


I want to see a 1:1 remake of Wolfenstine 3D with a Quake 4 engine. But it'd have to play exactly as the original did.



I thought Quake Wars enemy territory was something of a reboot of the strogg being on earch with humans using less high end weaponry (compared to quake 4) to fend them off.  what i'd like to see is quake 1 and 2 redone with quake 4 engine and graphics so that playing all three in succession will feel more like a 'complete story' when going from one to the next. I suppose for me it's a really good story and that's what makes it fun for me rather than 1080p uber high def graphics  (like crysis, since people made a big deal about it's graphics)  



I'd do anything for a modern day Quake 2 Arena multiplayer game. Space level with railguns only was the bomb!



That it was.



Just bring back the rocket ballet, one man getting surrounded by tons of enemies and fast-paced action. No modern fps bullshit (regeneration health, sprint, limited weapon slot).



The biggest hurdle to cross when doing anything in this franchise are the "hardcore" "pro-gamer" types who throw the world's biggest hissy fit when things aren't done their way.

So if he wants to reboot Quake, it will have to play just like the original Quake online: a total spastic twitch-fest feeding the egos of teenage wannabes locked away in mommy's basement, living off Jolt and Red Bull.

Thing is, there aren't enough of those twits to make a profitable game for. Tribes: Vengeance, anyone? That was designed for the spaz audience, as was the Tribes 2 reboot that couldn't even sell for $10 a copy.

Never let pro gamers design or dictate the design of your games. Unless you like losing money.



Man, Tribes and Tribes 2 were my favorite games ever!  It did go downhill with Tribes Vengence though...  They should "reboot" that game!!!



They are!  Its called Tribes Ascend, and from the little bits they have let out its looking very pretty!



Wow, that whole post screams of bitterness for some reason. 



Yes, absolutely. The pro gamers of Starcraft totaly ruined Starcraft 2 with their input.

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