Job Listing Reveals That Dragon Age III Is Already in Development



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it is only worth considering if follows the DA: Origin quality not DA2



I will most certainly not be touching this until it's been out for a fair amount of time and I've had a chance to read some reviews.  DA:Origins was excellent, DA2 was a total dog.   So far this year I've been burned on DA2, Crysis 2 and to some extent (the short length, and cheezy attempt to sell DLC) Portal 2.  My days of buying in advance at top price are over.



Can we get a Dragon Age: Origins 2 instead of a Dragon Age 3?

That game that came out in 2009 was pretty good and deserves a sequel.



"Can we get a Dragon Age: Origins 2 instead of a Dragon Age 3?"

I think that's one of the main problems is that people expect a sequel to be a redesigned version of the original. A lot of people failed to recognize the good things that BioWare did with Dragon Age 2 because they were expecting Origins with a new storyline. Dragon Age 2 definately fell short but it's not as bad as most people make it out to be.



I'm confused. DA2 was not good or "half-baked"? Your magazine gave it a 9/10 and a 'Kick Ass' Award. No doubt any game can make some improvements, but you write like it's a turkey, not an almost perfect game.



Maximum PC is having identity issues when it comes to game reviews lately.  They did the same thing with Crysis 2.



Yeah, DA 2 really made me lose hope in the future of the series. Gone back for another play through of DA:Origins :)



I was so disapointed in DA 2, it was just overly dumed down and not very expansive. I really feel that the present generation of consoles is holding back P C gaming. How about making DA 3 a true broad, powerful P C game and them dum down a version for consoles instead of writing it for consoles right from the start. If you are going to do develop a console game just do it but do not expect P C gamers to be impressed.

I have gone back and started DAO again with an new character.



This would be wonderful, if DA2 hadnt been the most boring game of the century. Oh and LOL at the spammer hehe. Does anyone actually even visit those web sites?



can't imagine visiting those site be worse than purchasing dragon age 2. getting cheated either way :S


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