Interncast Episode #2: RPG/Tech Edition



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Hey Guys Love the Interncast!!
In this episode you guys talked a lot about that Rainmeter program so much I had to check it out and love it. I'm curious to know what you guys load up on yours. maybe some screen shots, download links hell even an article on the website would be cool.

thanks guys keep up the good work.!



Hrmmm... enjoyed it but it has some strange parts.

"I don't play games except when my job makes me." ?!?!?!? Why do you even have a job to review games if you don't like them any more than this?

Why is the guy who doesn't like technology/tablets/phones interrupting the whole podcast and making everyone else explain what phablets are? If you don't like this kind of technology let the others discuss it!



Don't get me wrong I like video games, but I go to school full time so it's hard for me to find time to play. I find myself playing games I'm reviewing instead of games like LOL or SC2 which I would probably be playing instead.



Love the podcast, guys!



Thanks, glad to hear it!



Hmm, the Podcast RSS-feed finder on Zune isn't picking it up. Can you guys put it up there, too, for the 2 people in the world who are both using a Zune and listening to your podcast? EDIT: And oh, the last 6 mins or so of the podcast are f'd up.



Thanks for the feedback on the last 6 minutes of the show. We've had a few requests for putting the podcast on the Zune market place so we'll try to get that sorted out soon.

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