Gearbox: Duke Nukem Reviews Didn't Give It a Fair Shake



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"Would Half-Life today be reviewed as highly as it is, you know, even today?"

Half-Life?  Is he kidding?  The game is over 10 years old which is still not nearly as long as it took to develop that hodge-podge of a mess called Duke Nukem Forever.  Maybe he was referring to Half-Life 2.  If he was the answer is, "hell yeah!". Duke looks like a battered sloth compared to HL2.



Gearbox, we forgive you for DNF - we know you bought the IP and pushed the game out just to get it off everyone's minds.  Anyone who expected anything more out of this should have paid attention to the development history.  Now, could you make us a good game, please?



I'll buy into that Slurpy. I'll forgive Gearbox as soon as they just "man-up" and say....

"Yeah. We realize the customer wasn't thrilled with DNF. We're going to learn from this and try to take the good things we did forward into future releases, and listen to the feedback and try to figure out what needs improvement. Those of you who enjoyed the game, thank you. Those of you who didn't, we're going to work hard to earn your respect as fans."

Instead we get finger-pointing. Instead, we've gotten whining and assertions that ALL of these media outlets are against them. If the game was REALLY that damn good, sales would increase after an initial poor showing. People would have been talking about the game and buying despite the "negative press". You really don't understand the gaming community if you honestly think press has THAT much sway over public opinion on video games. Great games will sell themselves.

Gearbox, stop making excuses. Accept responsibility and move forward.



i dont get it, all you people complain about how bad this game was, i played it and loved it.  i wasen't expecting a Borderlands, or and of those other super up-to-date games i was expecting good old one-liner duke to kick @$$ and chew bubble gum, sure the levels were all over the place but it was a good game if you just remember that it was based of 10 yr old ideas and tech.  shame on all of you for duke bashing..i myself cant wait to see what gearbox is going to do for a new version of duke for the future.



Super-up-to-date? Confused in what you mean by this. Graphically... Duke was up-to-date. Hell, I would have been pleased had it been "good" (note this word) one-liners and him just chewing bubblegum.

The game was more Jackass than kick ass.




Here comes the whaaaaaambulance.

Gearbox... you guys did such a crap job with Duke, I'm probably not going to touch anything else your team develops. Not without damn good reason. I tried Duke and .... it was just.... disturbing? Creepy? And not creepy in a Doom3 kinda way. Creepy in a Buffalo Bill-tucking-his-junk kinda way.



You do realize that they barely changed anything from what 3d Realms had done right? They essentially just made it playable and modern looking. And gearbox makes tons of good games.


Righteous Fury

Sorry, Mr. Martel, but after having played the game to roughly the half-way point, I quit, uninstalled it and haven't looked back. The description "Duke's stitched-together Frankenstein monster mash of levels and ideas" is quite spot-on. I find myself wishing I had my money back.


h e x e n

This game went in one ear and right out the other. I thought the last iteration was garbage so I couldn't care less about a reboot of a decade old franchise.

This game reminds me of Steven Seagal movies. You watch just to laugh at his terrible acting and forced martial arts. Everyone likes a good train wreck.



For Duke Nukem to become a hit nowadays, the character of Duke Nukem would have to be more of a character rather than a one liner walking around, a story that made sense and wasn't full of gimmicks and with all that.... you don't have the "True Duke Nukem" anymore.  Your character who you have come to know and love has become some guy from Call Of Duty or Battlefield with a wide array of one liners for certain situtations and is now just a cliche.  



Neel Chauhan

Duke nukem should have had the visual problems that Rage has, so this bad game meets bad rendering.

Best played on a really old IBM CGA adapter.

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