GDC News Round-Up Day One: Battlefield 3 SP Footage, Microsoft Says PC Gaming Isn't Dead, Magicka: Vietnam (No, Seriously), Tons More



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What happened to the subject line? What is up with the "miss it if you didn't look" captchas? I just double posted.







I'll be the first one to say that Battlefield 3 better deliver but making any comparison of Battlefield to Call of Duty is a pretty far stretch. What the video does show is how amazing this game is going to be. This is only a small taste of what is to come. The "scripted" skirmishes you mention are most certainly the beginning of the game, made that way as to not overwhelm the new comers to the Battlefield family. Hold off the negative comments till we all actually get our hands on it and get some real playtime.

Can't wait for Battlefield 3 to come out, but if it disappoints in anyway like MOH did, it will be the last EA game I ever purchase. MOH is an amazing game, both the graphics and audio were beautiful. But the single player was short lived and multiplayer went south really quick. The small amount of maps got old really fast and the obvious bugs were never fixed (still getting shot after you move behind cover). Then it was as if EA just left us out in the cold. It felt like a one night stand and then next day I didn't even get some cash for cab fare home.

Please EA and DICE don’t let me down, I have owned and loved every Battlefield game ever released and don’t want to end this great love affair now.



"On the other, though, it's Call of Duty. Scripted, linear, full of tight spaces and small, scripted skirmishes while some guy barks orders at you. It's Call of Duty in a Battlefield costume, and we're really not sure how to feel about that."

Are you talking about the single player mode? If so who cares? I know some people like the single player campaign but the main content is in multiplayer.





The Microsoft bashing is endless on this site.  Maybe a Mac is more for you since it has infinately more games.



I can think of a few things Microsoft has done to benefit PC gaming, but I can think of a lot more things they've done to hurt it. Maybe it's just because the negative just sticks out.

I think we're all in agreement that AAA gaming is pretty stagnent right now (see Battlefield trailer). The PC is the best way to be innovative with an AAA title. People who game a lot are going to be drawn to PC titles with this quality (not to mention better graphics), even if they have been content with console titles in their last couple cycles. I think this growth could just be starting...


I Jedi

Actually, I very rarely see anyone here bashing Microsoft, unless it is for PC gaming. The fact is that time and time again, they have promised the PC community that they're going to support the PC gaming market. Yet, what we have seen is that they make promises, but ultimately fall short of delivering the goods. Now a days, whenever Microsoft makes a claim to support the PC gaming arena, most gamers take it with a grain of salt.



But Microsoft is trying to kill PC gaming so they can dominate the console market....

Funny how they didn't realize that killing PC gaming would affect sales of their OS.



Too true.  If it were not for the sad fact that most good PC games need Windows to run, I would not be sporting a Microsoft OS.

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