GamersGate CEO: Steam Is “Peaking,” Won't Be On Top for Much Longer



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I like Steam very much. I don't want to install a sperate download service for every game I want to buy. If it's all on Steam then that's perfect for me! If each game company eventually has their own digital distribution service then I think someone should write a program which will monitor all the services for you. Kind of like Windows' game explorer but instead of just displaying your games it updates and displays all your digital services as well.



Sir, drop the crack pipe.



even though Steam still has something to be added but I don't think it will fall

I actually like the Client, gives me updates, patch notice, new games list, unifying friendlist, expecially Demos....


and so many thing else



While i also have never heard of GamersGate until now like others posting here, i think that maybe to be "the best digital" service out there, there needs to be a "spawn feature" much like starcraft 1 - you could purchase a copy then install "spawn" versions  on a number of machines as well for LAN cometition/gamin. buying multiple copes seems like the more appropriate method for business, but i think that it did work for starcraft, so why not?

also, add an easier way to sell back my games, revoking my digital download from my Steam Library listing, mainly because i spent money on games that i haven't t attempted to install yet, so i wish i could actually get credit back for removing them from my game library (on steam). if not a full refund, then maybe like a small credit of a few dollars at least to put towards new games i actually am going to play.



The only reason I even know GamersGate exists is because they had Prey on sale for $2.50 in December and the key they provided could be activated on Steam. The reason I bought from GamersGate instead of Steam was because Steam ran out of keys for Prey during the 2009 Holiday Sale and they no longer sell it. I activated the key on Steam and then forgot about GamersGate.

My Steam library is to big to start buying elsewhere. GamersGate and the rest missed their chance. As long as Steam keeps having great sales they will have my business.



I'm sure its already been mentioned, but imo steam needs just a few things to be perfect...

1-ability to sell/gift games in library
2-better integration of retail bought games, and even games bought on other Dl stores.
3-price matching competitors



You nailed it bang on.






What the fuck is GamersGate?



There is the whole thing with the Guest Passes where Steam only allows you to use one guest pass per game. I had one for Killing Floor used on me by a friend. 3 weeks later, I had another used on me, but there was a problem; I couldn't activate it. If anything I think Steam needs to make it so you can't give your guest passes to people that have already used one on that game, instead of having them waste it.



I've purchased from gamersgate. I like steam. I also like competition for my money.


Righteous Fury

To: GamersGate CEO Theo Bergquist

From: Righteous Fury

...don't talk sh*t when you've got no game... you come off looking like a complete fool. If you want to knock steam down a peg or three, then see what they're doing right and copy it, then find out what they are doing wrong and do it right and what they do mediochre and do it better. THEN you MIGHT have a chance...


Mighty BOB!

ITT CEO declares competing product won't be on top forever to get media attention.



Moron. Get back to me when you have Steam's library and offer stuff like their awesome holiday sales and we'll talk.



"We believe our focus on premium customer support, a client-free experience, a robust reward program, and a DRM-friendly policy will appeal to the masses once they decide to go digital"

Someone beat you to it, it's called Good Ol' Games. (Maybe except the reward program)



WTH is the difference between GamersGate and D2D or Impluse. Steam has nothing to worry about.



Step one: Say something stupid about Steam

Step two: now some people have heard about my fledgling company 




PS the number one scary thing about buying digitally is that the company will go down and I'll lose my ability to download it again. Guess what I'm not afraid of this happening with Steam and who are you again? 



I've read before that should Steam fall, they will "unlock" all your purchases so that you can play them sans steam or w/o the client or some such.



Who is GamersGate?  I dunno - never heard of them till now, like others posting here.

Would I want to visit GamersGate?  Well, they'd need to give me a pretty convincing reason.  I can't visit their site because I'm at work (stupid proxy) but they'd have to give me a lot of games for prices equal to or better than Steam, let me download those games again after a reload, or the ability to transfer a cache folder and run a 'check game files' command to make sure the game works, and make sure none of the games they push load their own DRM system on my computer.  And even then I'd be hesitant because establishing a 'relationship' with a company is work these days, between maintaining your credit card info, address and phone number after a move, username and passwords, etc.  I prefer to keep those 'relationships' to a minimum because each one takes up a bit of my time at some time and I don't have all the time in the world for yacht loving CEOs.

Problems with Steam?  At this time, my only concern would be a manager who surveys the market, feels there is the chance Steam will lose some market share, panics, and starts changing their wonderful formula to lock me into Steam.  Granted I'm pretty much locked in now because I can't sell my old games or give them to friends, but honestly, I'm in my 30's  My friends have enough money to buy their own dang copy and I've no reason to sell them.  The few bucks I'll get for them isn't worth my time.  They offer me enough flexibility - credit card, simple client, integration between the client and game, great games (mainstream and indies), the ability to reinstall as much as I need, and an easy way to move my games to a new computer or a rebuilt computer, or even to a second computer like a laptop.

The other concern I have is chasing down saved game files.  Steam needs to get all these game manufacturers to keep all those saved files within the cache folder.  Most do, but there are a few that don't.  The cloud save has backfired on me - Plants vs. Zombies has gone bonkers twice on me, setting me back to the beginning of the game.

If there could be something better than Steam, I don't know what it is.  So if someone thinks it up, they better work real hard at marketing their better platform of facts, rather than "oh we think they'll be taken down a notch".  I'm not interested in a fist fight between companies - I'm interested in buying and playing great games with minimal fuss and overhead spent on my behalf.

Yeah, I know what would impress me - a CEO who regularly plays at least some of the games he/she sells, just to show they knows games and gamers and are interested in more than just numbers in the yearly profit statement.


I Jedi

These types of people, who often fortell of the downfall of great giants, are usually trying to get attention for their own reasons. I doubt very much that Steam is going to lose mass market share, or even fall into a #2 position overnight. I also don't think that it's likely Steam will get knocked off of its throne because PC gamers love Steam for its simplified, DRM-friendly, and easy to use platform. In order to be knocked down a few notches, Steam's competition is going to have to offer really great reasons to jump ship and join the competition instead. Otherwise, everyone, don't believe such rhetoric from CEOs of competing companies, unless they offer reasons why they're going to be ontop. Remember, Steam may be the major player here, but like Apple, its position in the market is subject to question when faced against actual competition.



wait... what?  Games are sold outside of Steam?  I kid but not really.  Since Steam's version of DRM installs nothing more than a client on my pc, I could care less.  I have tried a couple of others like Stardock's, but honestly, there is no other one.  I agree with the others in that the only game I have purchased in the last 3 years outside of steam was SC2.  Diablo3 will be my only other purchase outside of steam.  I have well over a TB of steam games installed.  Being an uber power user, I rebuild my pc on a fairly regular schedule.  I can reinstall all my games from steam in about 2 hours (most of that time is just making sure the setting for each game is to my liking.  I have rebought about $200 of games that i have physical media for on steam for that exact reason.  To me time=$.

Bottom line... everyone is pissed that they were in bed with the draconian DRM forever and Steam found a middle ground that xpirates like me I find acceptable.  I pirated for the sole purpose of the DRM.  EA is the worst of the lot and back in the Commodore 64 days, their DRM would actually physically damage the floppy drive ($250 at the time i beleive) (yes I am that old).  I was fine wihen there was keys for the DRM.  No other gawd awefull crap was loaded...but then the suits decided that wasnt enough.  I have rebuilt enough PCs for people that the DRM screwed up, I had enough.  Steam is a compromise I can live with and I have an account and my son.  I would prefer no DRM, but with Steam I can install any number of times and on different machines without problem.  The only chink i can think of with Steam is the overly zealous account disablements.  I would like to see that improved.



Unless somebody gigantic specifically sets their sights on dethroning Steam, I don't ever see them being knocked from the top spot.  The existence of competition doesn't necessarily signal a changing of the guard... they opened a Wal-Mart down the street from the Target here in town, and oddly enough, Target is still there 12 years later.



No idea they existed but why give them my money? They already left a bad impression being so cocky and pretending to be able to see deep into the future. Not giving them any tips. Open a 1-800 psychic line and leave the business to the pros. I may buy Duke Nukem Forever or RAGE from retail if they aren't available on Steam.



Talk about trying to grab a headline....  There are two games I have bought in last couple of years that are NOT on steam.  WoW and SC2.  Thats it.  Oh, and I use steam to launch them, so I can get the overlay and the "hey your friend is playing WoW." broadcast to my buddies.




yes i love the idea of being able to unbind games from your account not to sell but to give away. that is a great idea, and i am pissed i didnt think of it first.

the only other thing that i would love to see steam better implement would be better retail disk support. what can i say i am a sucker for old school bookshelves and cover art. case in-point bfbc2 retail not steam compatible, why? and that is just one game 





"the only other thing that i would love to see steam better implement would be better retail disk support."

By that you mean the ability to buy a retail game that is also on steam, and essentally unlock the steam version? If thats what you mean then I agree. So far only UT3 has done this out of my library. But my library has also gone almost completely digital anyway.



One word: JEALOUS

Steam keep up with the great work!



If only Steam would let you "delink" each game/bundles on your games list from your e-mail therefore giving you a chance to resell or just give games away to a friend by passing legally owned CD-keys, that would be Steam's holy grail IMO!

I bet all those recent console-converts who gave Steam a chance and uninstalled it a week after have no slight idea their huge TF2/L4D2 update was running in the background bogging down their internetz and therefore giving Steam a bad rep. I could care less about Steam's lackluster "forum/e-mail only" support as I rarely run into problems cept for old games (damn you Q3!) running on Win7 anyways.

Like everyone says, Steam is presently on a "Facebook-like" status, though the quotes this company made (which I've never heard of til' today) sure is good publicity.



I know what steam could do. They could buy out ... steampowered is just simply too much to type :)



welcome to is the former home of Steam Tunnel Operations.

This domain is not for sale.



Basically, my rule of thumb is "If I want to buy the game and it's on Steam, I buy it on Steam". There's really nothing about Steam that I don't like. Really, the only issue I could imagine taking with it is that for those "must-have" games where I simply can't wait past midnight to play, they're usually not unlocked on Steam as soon as I'd like, but I'm rarely that hard-up to play any new title nowadays.



when i first read the title. Yeah the dude might have a slight point...

I remember steam when it first started with CS... rough times. Steam has had a lot of time to grow and figure out what works. I would like to see a different company try the stuff steam had done all those years ago. They would have to have a flawless system almost no "growing pains" whatsoever.

Competition is always good, but steam rewards us in many ways aready. All the deals, I mean that thanksgiving and xmas special was killer cool!

I think it will be more difficult for some other company to give steam good competition.

Thanks steam and you have my business!




Steam got a jump on the market so far a head of everyone else it seems I can't see anyone taking the number 1 spot in digital sales. The only "chink" I can honestly think of with steam is not every game gets a digital release there because not all publishers are on board as of now. Still that's a pretty small chink when you consider many of the top selling tiles today require steam for authntecation meaning it's getting incredible exposure compared to other retailers. I've never even heard of gamersgate until this artical >_>


As for wanting to visit gamestop? No, never. Ever. In fact, Steam 1uped all retail outlets recently by being able to offer a game that was delayed physically (Two Worlds 2 on the PC by two weeks) but still aviable digitally. If anything the only reason I buy retail/non steam digitaly any more is because of the pricetag and with the constant sales and promotions steam offeres, I haven't bought a non Steam game in a very long time.

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