The Game Boy: Best Games You Missed in 2011 – The Binding of Isaac



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That's one complaint I really have with Skyrim, it forces you to play through the majority of the game to obtain the really fun stuff.

Of course, once you get all the really fun stuff, the game is largely over.  You'll need to play through the entire Main Quest to obtain all of the Dragon Shouts, and for all the best loot that's appropriate for your character you'll need to complete the questline for the respective guild, mages, fighters, theives, etc.

Once you do have all the fun stuff you realize you mostly only have Radient Story quests left.  They'r fine, but theres very little story to most of them.  Thus, the remainder of the game is marginally better than grinding.

If you want to conjure a sword to fight with, that's obtainable at level 0 Conjuration.  But if you want to conjure a bow, you'll need Level 50 conjuration.  It's very easy to complete the Main Quest and the College questlines before getting Conjuration to 50, even if you use summons often. 



According to Steam, I'm at about 30 hours for this game; I'm pretty sure that's more than any other this year for me. It's unbelievably addictive.



Yeah, one of the great indie games. I highly recommend this to anyone!

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