First Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Shows Brain-Hacking, Bullet-Curving



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The original Syndicate was one of the very first games I ever became truly, passionately addicted to.  If EA decided to make a good strategy remake of the original, I would be watching the developments daily.  With this, I really couldn't care less, as it is so far off of the original type of gameplay.  I hope this is followed by a strategy game, but don't hold out much hope in the console-driven dumbstick games they put out now at EA.



This really just looks like a Dead Space 3 to me. Same kind of interface, same kind of mood, same level of gore. Why did they make Syndicate a shooter? It was never a one person game but a squad based game. I would have liked a modern take on the isometric, something in 3D but not yet another FPS.



Very Nice. I like Ghost in the Shell technical aspects of the gameplay.



Boring !!! I didn't even watch the whole trailer i was that bored . So what exactly new there ?  Just regular FPS , oh yea you can make someone commit suicide . Or can you ? Ha Ha Ha .


Holly Golightly

Wow, this game is super cool! I want it and will check back on this game before launch. It looks like my kind of game to play. I wonder if you could create a character? Either way, it is cool.

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