First StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Footage Has Gooey, Pulsating Outside with Crunchy Kerrigan Center



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man this not being able to reply is a PITA.

Anyway @win7fanboi I didn't know that. So other then taking the post down there isn't much you can do?

You know whenever you got something good (like the internet) there's some @sshole just waiting to screw it up for you. 



SC2 has  gotten a lot of flack for removing LAN support, bumping up to a 60$ pay scale, and splitting the game into 3 chunks you have to buy separately.  But I'm willing to forgive a lot's a really good f*cking game.  And so far it has been.  I had no idea what was going on in this video but it got me hella excited.



Its going to be sick!



I have one question. Who's dumb enough to actually follow any of those links? I'm pretty sure anyone using isn't that stupid. So why do these idiots keep spamming the comments section?



It not about having people click these fuckers links... its call link farming... google rate search results based on how many other sites link to them... and the more legitimate the site... the more weight it carries.... these assholes use maxpc to link back to their sites and as a result get higher ratings in the search results...

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