First Modern Warfare 3 Screens Show Men, Guns, Nature's Pristine Beauty



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BF3 will be better.  Once the whole Infinity Ward disaster occurred, the game is not going to be the same.  The MW series will be dead except for maybe console.  BF3 will be the new military FPS king.



Graphics are horrible yes, WWIII is unrealistic yes, Russia takes over the entire world!? WTF!!

But what I like MW3 the most, are the action, explosions, character designs, and the design of it's surroundings. :3



And I thought Modern Warfare 2 had bad textures already... well I guess it's the sacrifice they have to make for the 60 fps on consoles. I hope you can atleast get decent textures on the PC...



The fact that there are still people who annually get their hopes up that Treyarch/Infinity Ward will turn over a new leaf and make a good PC port amazes me. Ever since CoD3, each CoD game's PC port was a last minute effort to squeeze a little more money out of the franchise. The game's have always looked like pure console ports, with little improvements in the PC versions when compared to the console versions.

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