First In-Game Max Payne 3 Trailer Full of Close Shaves, Regular Shaving



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Not liking the direction this is going. It looks like a decent game in its own right but its not Max Payne. It doesn't have the gritty dark feel of the first two games and that was what made them so great. Where's Ragnarock? Where are all the basements, run down tenements, and shady motels full of hookers and junkies? Where's all the snow and rain and fog. This takes place in a friggin tropical paradise for cryin out loud! I'll play it for sure but I think its the wrong setting for this franchise.



Looks nice, I like the graphics. Pre-Order now? C'mon anyone really does this? :)  Unless of course they offern $20 off or something...


Holly Golightly

I do not like his new look. This new version looks like one of those run of the mill army shooters. Bald man with unlimited ammo that shoots everything. What made Max Payne so cool was it's Matrix-Style coolness. Sort of like Dead II Rights. I don't like how all of these new games are trending... Soon we will see Super Mario bald, smoking a cigar while holding a big long gun. Sort of like Sam Fisher from Spinter Cell... I will continue to play my Alice Madness Returns game.



It's about time I loved the 1st and 2hd game.Will pick this up the same day it ships.



I want a playable demo not a movie. Iv already seen Mark Wahlbergs Version.



Me gusta

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