Final Fantasy XIV Billing Finally Resuming at Beginning of 2012



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Going to pay for a few months to see the new patches but may leave if I don't like what I see.



limitbreaker, <Please use the universal translator.> <I don't speak any English.>



I bought the game for the free to play and it was too boring and lifeless. The game is flawed from ground up and i don't really see a patch fixing that. The worst part of ff14 is that its a mmo that feels like a single player for a few reasons like not having a city wide chat channel and because most players dont even speak english. I love the japanese people but i would like to be in a server where there's only one official language.



I agree with the first part of your statement but could not disagree more with the second part. Having multiple languages was one of the things that set final fantasy 11 apart from other mmos. Yes, the auto translator was a little cumbersome, but it was pretty damn cool to be able to collaborate with people half way across the world who speak a completely different language. It also made for servers that had a decent population at all hours, unlike some games where signing on in the middle of the night means the server population is halved. I didn't play 14 long enough to care either way about the multilingual experience. I don't think there is anything they could do to make that game playable.

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