Epic Games: It's Time to Stop Treating PC as a “Port-to Platform”



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They are only caring about the PC as platarform cus console's hardware is old as shit, they need the PC to show up their new good looking UE 4.0, and will release maybe a couple of PC games but when next gen consoles come they will abandon the PC ship as the rats they are.



I bought Bulletstorm on PC.  Didn't like the GFW part, but it was a blast.  More attention for the PC is always a good thing.



Funny considering Gears of War 1 was a port to the PC, and a bad one at that with "Games for Windows" which often broke functionality, and no Gears 2 or 3 in site for PC, only console.  And I've been a fan of Epic since their shareware DOS game days.



Screw them!

They abandoned PCs for consoles and iOS a while ago, being half the reason for the very state of PC gaming they use as an excuse for doing so.  Why would we want them back?  They lost my money a while ago and they're not about to get it now.



I too loved Unreal Tournament, and Unreal Tournament 2004. Unreal 3 just didn't do it for me. Bulky armor that looked like it was made out of pig iron in my backyard, the same dark and dirty palette used on too many maps, all that technology for a game that to me was not significantly more visually appealing. And yeah I had the hardware to max out settings. They became a console house, and now that their games have to compete in the clutter of console junk they want to come back to the PC. Talk is cheap. Microsoft talks about PC gaming, but I don’t see squat from them. Let’s see Epic back it up with a title that looks like the demo and plays smooth as silk on the three overclocked GTX580’s I have waiting.



I really hope Epic (or anyone else, the more the merrier) can bring life back to PC gaming.


I also want EA to fuck off and die. I hope their shenanigans with Steam come back to bite them in the form of BF3 being a complete failure on PC. EA has always hated gamers and they're proving it.


Epic, on the other hand, has always wanted to be where the players are and making great games. Unfortunately, for too long the money train has led to console. But I think Epic and others are starting to see that even if the revenue is nice, innovation has been stifled by the long life cycle of consoles.



Yeah, Epic has recently been pretty annoyed at how far behind the consoles are, and I don't know if this means as much as it would if the next generation of consoles were right around the corner.

I used to use Epic as an example of a good developer. They made good games. I loved Unreal Tournament, and Unreal Tournament 2004. They constantly gave out free updates. You didn't even need to have the disc in the drive when playing, only when patching and updating, which I thought was great. I was really disapointed when they

I also don't really see Epic as a group that makes very innovative games. They are very good at refining a genre and making it better (never used to be into deathmatch shooters until UT)... but with so many shooters out there, it's easy to get lost. As much as I liked UT, I played the most recent one for only a few minutes before I got bored. I'd seen it way too much before.

And they've pissed off a lot of their fanbase...

If they make a good game I'm interested in, I'll buy it, but I'm going to remain skeptical.




Using piracy to downplay PC gaming , then trying to tease players back to your "cause" to get some more money? that's pretty lame. Make a game where the characters and feel to the game are totally different from their other titles. I never played Gears of War, because it looked too much like Unreal Tournament - with a plausible plot and character development. Make a game with brighter, more varied textures, and not entirely grainy and dark. As "manly" as Unreal Tournament and Gears have been, i think they have run their course.

i won't be participating in what EPIC has to offer this round either, because its's all business, not connecting to a fanbase with worthwhile experiences.



yeah death to console (i have a ps3 and my friends tell me that my psn says that i havent logged on in 5 months)
about to build my very own rig
not the first i build but this one will be mine
and this piece of news has put a smile on my face 
unreal engine 4 should push our systems to the limit with visual quailty like cryengine 2 (notice how i didnt say 3 ) 
and on a side note im still not happy that BF3 isnt coming to steam
i just read through this comment and noticed it was very off topic :P 


I Jedi

Unfortunately, this all falls on deaf ears for me. Until I see a true commitment from Epic to release a AAA title, I won't hold my breath. We shouldn't be so willing to open our arms when past companies... Microsoft... have cried the same words and given little result.



It's aout time they remember it was PCs who put games like COD, BF and others on the map. They shoudl learn from companies like Blizzard who show people the potential and superiority of Pcs over consoles.



Well, I'm glad he turned the other cheek, because I was fairly ticked off when Epci said "FU PCs".

But I dunno, part of me thinks he's only saying this because he wants to progress forward and consoles haven't done much. But once PS4 or the next Xbox comes out, he'd be right back on "Suck it, PC gamers"



Atleast BF3 is geared towards the PC.

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