EA: The Old Republic is First MMO with a Story, WoW Feels Like a “Shopping List”



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Earth and Beyond a former EA MMO (actually Westwood Studios - EA absorbed!) had a great story... Until EA decided to pull off the Development to and move them to the SIMS!

But ya there use to be MMORPGs with Story... well before this, I do hope it advances, but I dont trust anything EA is behind in the MMO world as they destroy it then shut the servers down.  Shame though BioWare's got the talent to do it, unfortunately EA pulls their strings!



Well, the fact that they were originally called MMORPG, and now are just MMOs, should tell you how far the idea of telling a story has slipped down the list of priorities in the industry. It's all about who can mine for fish the best. Makes old school nerds like me cry; maybe this can turn things around a bit, because that's pretty much the main reason I don't play online.



I have high expectations for this game and I think that they will deliver. BioWare is an incredible game developer and every game I've purchased over the years has been of high quality. They definately know how to write a game with a story. Along with KOTOR, Dragon Age and Mass Effect are very in depth and have a ton of replay value.

The real challenge is not WoW, it's Blizzard's upcoming MMO that they should worry about. It's a long ways from release so hopefully they can evolve enough to keep people interested.



Errrr.. first MMO with a story?  Wouldn't have be Final Fantasy XI?



Maybe he's right, there's never been an MMO with an involved story. Now back to the Lord of the Rings Online for me... wait a minute.



Guild Wars 2. Thanks.



My thoughts exactly,............. and a much better game I must add.

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