EA Announces Free-to-Play Browser Based Command & Conquer



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Bad Kharma

With EA it is never free. What is the catch?



MMO Strategy.  I remember trying a game on facebook that was billed the same way.

The game was great, but you had to check it like 4,245,978 times a day to ward off attacks, upgrade buildings and build new units, etc.

It was horrible - a HUGE attention and time sink - and I dropped it pretty quick.

I bet this will also require Origin.



Obviously, it's going to be Play2Win. A was unpleasent. Most of the weapons were unavailable to me, since most of them cs far as I know, EA Play4Free games are mostly Play2Win. My experience with Battlefield Play4Freeould only be bought with real money. The balancing issues are just outrageous.

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