Crytek: Crysis 2 Is a “Better Game” Because It's Not PC-Exclusive



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Well, if big budget = great game, they'd have a point, but I don't really see it.

I don't think this is all about graphics. Though maybe for a game like Crysis, it is... it does have that history. To me it's things like simplifed controls, and a game that is marketed for more people (especially the shooter market) just never tends to be as interesting, because publishers think that means you have to make a game for stupids.

Despite all this bitching I will admit that most ports I play nowadays are actually pretty good, at least compared to how it used to be. I am usually satisfied with a port. The problem is when you get games like Deus Ex 2. The first game was loved by the PC gaming community, but the second game was made with consoles in mind, and it turned out to be pretty mediocre. It lacked a lot of what made the first game great, and was bashed pretty hard by PC gamers. It also didn't really take off with console fans, and certainly not in the same way the first game did with PC fans. The game's legacy as a great PC title is the only reason that it's getting a third game.

It's a big risk. And if Crytek is not careful it's going to piss off all it's old fans, without gaining any new ones. Plenty of developers have fallen into this trap.



Was situations like DX9 vs DX10. You could get pretty close to the graphics quality of a DX10 machine with just a simple editing of the config file, while running DX9, and it ran a lot smoother. Other than that I personally had no problem with the high system requirements, I just thought it was cheesy how that was the case.



I'm not gonna get it just because it's a console port... That's how good it gets.



well I still have my original set of Crysis discs(combo 3 pack)

and they still look amazing

so if nothing else I can still ask

Will it play crysis?



It's the same situation as Supreme Commander 2; Gas Powered/Crytek focus on the consoles, leaving PC users to endure one year's worth of patches to make the game barely playable. And it still looks worse than the previous game.



Cant say for sure for this game, but sometimes multi platform games bring with them poorly optimised menus and controls on the PC side. Burnout Paradise, NFS Hot Pursuit and Dead Space; just to name a few examples.



in the developers defense,  2/3 games you named were driving games. which need to be played with a controller not a wheel or mouse and keyboard. because they are a port.

But still FU crytek  for turning your back on your MAIN audience!


Mighty BOB!

A driving game shouldn't be played with a dedicated steering wheel peripheral?



He's just a little nuts, thats all!



Thats like saying the Toyota Corolla is the best car ever because everyone can buy it!



Poor analogy.

It's more like a Mitsubishi Lancer and an Evolution. Both come from the same platform, but if it weren't for the humble Lancer and it's mainstream sales numbers, there would never be the budget to make the ultra high performance Evo.

Everyone can buy a Lancer, those with the desire for maximum performance and a wallet that can afford it can buy an Evo.


Mighty BOB!

I'll believe it when I see it, and I have some doubts.

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