Capcom Talks Increased PC Focus, Future of PC Gaming



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No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. You definitely hit the nail on the head on this one. This is something people need to know about. Your blog is really incredible and the design is really top notch.matrix watches



Blah, Blah, Blah....  It's all talk untill the games come out.  No Capcom Vs Marvel and who wants Super Street Fighter 4 after everyone else has had her(including the 3DS) and has moved on to something else.



Reminds me of PC gaming exactly ten years ago, just before the X-Box came out. The only real competition that was around was the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, the Dreamcast was around and was a good system, but they had just stopped making it. Of course, we were all a little worried with the new generation of consoles coming out, but during the late 90s the PC was filled with great exclusive titles because there was really no other machine you could make them on.

Much like Silver925 said below me, I don't hate consoles. I just like to game and I need a PC, so it's natural to combine the two. I haven't owned a console since the SNES. It's hard to go back to a console now in the same way it is difficult to use an iPad. I'm so used to the extra depth and level of control, it's hard to accept anything else.

Oh, and by the way... does anyone know just why I can't stay logged into this site? This has only happened since they site upgrade a week or two ago. It happens in both Opera and in the new IE, and only on this site. I can't even reply to comments because I can't stay logged in for more than one page.


Peanut Fox

Have you tried clearing out your cache?  



Part of me thinks this mentality is in response to their gripes with Sony and the PSN fiasco, which they claim is costing them a considerable amount of money.



Great, now we'll be hearing the whines of console gamers complaining that their games are being PC-ized.



How could they complain about seeing titles that have more depth and quality than they thought possible?

I don't hate consoles in the least. If all you want is a 'gaming computer' and nothing else, the console is a perfect fit. However, I'm a member of the crowd that likes to game, but also needs a computer that can do other things (like image editing, desktop publishing, CAD, etc.) and that is why I choose the PC hands-down.

But, once you've got a taste of what things can be like with a PC, you get cynical, and most console titles just feel so limited. It's a bit of an elitist attitude, but it's hard not to be when you've cut your teeth in such an amazing environment.



lets hope those cries go unnoticed.

2011 is looking to be a great year to be a PC Gamer :)


Holly Golightly

Wow, I am incredibly happy. Capcom's decision will prove to be beneficial for all gamers, plus it will bring forth the attention from other companies to start creating PC versions, and better yet, PC exclusives. I am very happy about this good news. I look forward to seeing Capcom's upcoming smash hits. Thank you so much Capcom.



I agree, it will be beneficial to all gamers.  I think the day of the non-indie PC-exclusive has all but passed, though, at least until the day when we all have cheap, super-powered HTPCs, and consoles are thus extinct.


Holly Golightly

I think consoles are fine for little kids, but as we grow up and become smarter and smarter by the day... It would make more sense to go with a platform that is more open... Making the Gaming PC the ideal choice for gamers.


Here are the facts, Consoles are trying hard to become more, and more like PCs with downloadable content, Hard Drives, online gameplay, extentions, wallpapers, keyboards, and heck, even the Linux OS/Windows CE. 


They try to be that all-in-one sollution by making consoles run DVDs, CDs, MP3s, USBs, Downloadable Movies and BlueTooth. All of which were on the PC long before. What happens when a next generation console is released? The old one goes to the closet... And there goes your All-In-One sollution. At least with a PC, you can upgrade the parts and run it perfectly fine for 10 years while running the most demanding games. Which in return gives you more value.


I agree with you, the moment they start shrinking down PCs to the size of consoles, and make them super-powered HTPCs, is the time consoles will be extinct. I will admit, I will miss the old times when consoles were console, and not trying to be PCs. I mean consoles like the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Sega Saturn/Genesis, NES, and SNES. They were simple, and not complex. Great for kids. Just put in the cartridge and play. But the consoles we all grew up to are dead, and this new breed of consoles just need to go away. I have grown up, I am a PC Gamer.

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