Blizzard Says New MMO Will be Its “Next Big Thing” After Diablo III, Believes It Will “Eclipse” WoW



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Maybe it'll be WoD, a Diablo based MMO with all the classes from all three games, plus new ones.  Maybe it'll just be WoS, which would suck as hard as starcraft.



It will be full of endless grinds like they currently have for Archaeology.



Well, let's hope Blizzard thinks they can make a lot of money off this new game.. if not, it'll be another 10+ year release (SCII).



WoW had some good elements to it; however my idea of fun was not grinding for hours or even days bored to-death. The quests were often dumb having no real point to them. Retrieving dirt or running around to find someone is not my idea of fun nor should doing that earn experience (XP). Experience should only be earned in hard battles. Interacting with people was about the only thing enjoyable while playing the game. Unless Blizzard creates something vastly different in a more mature environment, then I'm not going to bother with them anymore. It always felt like a drunk kiddie world with no sense of what was happening. lol As of now I have no interest in playing WoW or anything like it.



So... they're finally making Life: The MMO?



it'll suck, just like wow did.  another boring questfest..

(Edit: First first for me, yaay!)

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