BioWare: The Old Republic's “Goal” is to be around “For Decades”



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Decades is pushing it a little. It will be an accomplishment if they can stay popular for at least a decade. Most MMO's die off after a few years and you don't really hear about them anymore. Lately a lot of the failing ones have gone with the free to play model to try and boost interest.



I watched the Q&A where this was said, while I'm pretty sure BioWare, LucasArts and EA would love to have the game around for decades, I believe most of the comments in the section were light-hearted jokes, especially the 500 planets by 2025 joke. 



Hence "tongue-in-cheek" and "jokingly".



I also watched the panel and the article makes it sound like the "for decades" comment is taken in context and the 2025 and 500 planets comments only were "tongue-in-cheek" and "jokingly."  The entire article is embellishment for this reason.



It has to. God forbid someone closes down a Star Wars matter how old and outdated it is. Youtube is FLOODED with douchbags literally CRYING over SOE"s Star Wars whatever game. That's pathetic.



Unless the beta is out for TOR, there's really not a whole lot of informed discussion.  We can give opinions based on what we hope the game will be, but that's about it until some actual gameplay comes in.  As for TOR surviving for decades, it is certainly possible so long as there is content that is engaging, there are multiple ways to interact with the other players (trading, PvP, etc.), and the cost for a monthly subscription is either non-existent or very reasonable.  So, for the people that want TOR to succeed, hope that the beta comes soon and the gameplay is everything you dreamed of.



When you said TOR, I thought of Tor and not TOR and was confused as to what Tor had to do with TOR. It's so confusing, since I'm use to TOR meaning Tor and not TOR meaning TOR. It would be interesting though if TOR used Tor by default, wouldn't it?

TOR's Tor would torrific, I think.




Tora Tora Tora.



Keith E. Whisman

I always thought that Willy Wanka would make a great James Bond villain.


Holly Golightly

I hope it does succeed that long. It is very rare a game can keep on going for so long. It is about quality. I do not know how well this game is, but one thing is certain, I hope it is free to play. You expand the games exposure if you do not charge a monthly fee like WoW. With that said, I am rooting for EA!




Before you read my opinion below, please read: I WANT THIS GAME TO SCUCCEDE! I WANT TO ENJOY THIS GAME.


That being said, the videos I’ve seen of the combat look very bland, and boring. Nothing more than stand-and-fight tactics that I've seen a billion times in other games. Perhaps I need to play the beta and even the game when it comes out. But I don’t see the hype that EA’s been saying is going to match up to the game when it comes out. And its arrogance like this news (that its going to be around for 15 years) that makes me weary of believing it. 


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