BioWare Breaks Down Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer in New Trailer



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I'd like to see Mass Effect add the feature to toggle control of your party members (think Dragon Age), but I have reservations about the co-op mode.  It feels to me like something that should have been fleshed out in the next Mass Effect game that isn't about Shepard.  I've been building my Shepard story across multiple years, and the co-op portion really seems like a break in that experience.  I'll withhold my final judgement until i've seen it of course, but I'm not liking what I'm seeing so far.


Holly Golightly

This is definitely a welcoming change. I always love co-op based gameplay. The graphics look very nice too. I also like how you can now play more races that you couldn't before. Overall, Mass Effect is cool.


I Jedi

What I truly like about Mass Effect is that it's a story with multiple outcomes. Personally, I rather enjoy the fact that I am able to make decisions, and based on those decisions, affect the outcome of the Mass Effect Universe.

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