BioShock Infinite Taking to the Skies in October



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mark tine

Appreciation for the actual usefull infos its certainly nice that searchers discuss ones own expreriences.



I'd be more excited if Bioshock 1 hadn't devolved into fetch quests in tiny levels topped off by a pointless boss fight and Bioshock 2 hadn't been a cash grab that sacrificed the studio's artistic integrity and defecated on the whole franchise.

There's also the sad realization that Bioshock 1 was from 2007 and Bioshock Infinite will (hopefully) be from 2012 and due to the consoles it can't look much better. Tragic.

The alternate "steampunk" history which reimagines Rapture as a floating city, and the implied beastiality, don't really do anything for me. Not to mention that the game is one giant escort mission. :( Bioshock was about Quark from DS9 creating an Ayn Rand inspired capitalist haven and then having to ironically become what he despised in an attempt to save Rapture from a thug who tried to usurp his empire by claiming power for himself via socialism.

I'll try it when it comes out, but I don't expect greatness.



Almost THREE years since we since the debut trailer, and we still have to wait another 7 month for this. It annoys me how back in late 2009, they announce Bioshock Infinite to be released within a year. Only about 2 years later still waiting a further 7 month.

Game Companies. Do not tell us what you are doing when it's pen to paper. Let us know - surprise up with in a few months of release FFS!



Guys, this is exciting and all, but I see no mention of the fact that the Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Beta went live yesterday. AHEM!!! It is awesome.

Ok, I am also excited for Bioshock Infinite.

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