Bethesda Outlines Plans for Skyrim Bug-Squashing, Announces Mod Tools for January



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The game story and open gameplay are excellent but the graphics are good, not great and the U I is only fair. This is clearly a port from console and only a fair one at that. The DX9 graphics are a little dated and in order to play it in wide screen (5760 X 1200 in my case) it required modifying the ini file and then using one of the fixes written by the guys at Wide Screen Gaming. On a decient P C it feels like a good game that was dummed down for console players.

I will be glad when the next gen of consoles finally replaces these ancient relics that are in use today so that the game companies will then have to step up their graphics at least.



Apparently, the Creation Kit and the Steam Workshop might have much more significance to them...

There's some recent videos posted on YouTube showing that Skyrim is not the only providence of Tamriel included in the original game... All of them are!

The gotcha is that once you turn off clipping and exit Skyrim through an open gate which is usually blocked by the invisible wall at the eastern border, the detail slowly fades, and what you're left with is merely the undetailed terrain.

But the terrian exists for the entire continent of Tamriel, or in English, at least 6 or 8x the size of Skyrim, waiting for someone or someone(s) to fill in with trees, plants, rocks, towns, people, quests, dungeons, etc.

At the very minimum, recreating TES III Morrowind within the Skyrim game world is entirely possible, though it would break the normal laws of time and space (Morrowind's questline happend at least 400 years before the current events in Skryim, concluding with the destruction of Red Mountain).

I'm anxious to see how this plays out! 



So, basically, the game's not done yet... and we are a bunch of beta testers. Nice. Say what you will about Blizzard, but when they release, the game is done.



There are always going to be bugs because they can not simulate every hardware and software configuration during testing. I haven't run across anything major yet except the graphic issues and of course the random crashes to the desktop. It's not unplayable, and I'd rather have a few bugs then wait another month or whatever before they launch the game.

In short, stop the cryin'.



Bethesda's never been big on bug fixes before. They've always make the modding community fix their games. What changed? Does this game have worse bugs than the last two?



It beat Team Fortress 2 on simultanous users playing.

It still is at the top of most players right now.

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